Count down to heaven

Every one has a watch that counts down to that one fateful day that will change their life for better or for worse


2. life as a secret fan girl

So as you would suspects life as a 12 year old genius can be hard especially when there are such high expectations, which means that I have to be a secret fangirl. My obsession is ONE DIRECTION!! Now you might think that this is a little cliche but I love there music it has gotten me through some very hard times in my life.

"Ivy!" Rory called from outside my house. " I'll be out In a minute" Rory was here to take me to school, I had to hurry because if I kept him waiting to long he would come inside and he can't see me trying to buy 1 direction concert tickets, but I had to I had to meet them so here it goes. *click* my allowance for a month went into that so it better be great and I can't believe that I " Ivy! Hurry up we're gonna be late!" Well I guess that that thought will have to wait till later

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