Count down to heaven

Every one has a watch that counts down to that one fateful day that will change their life for better or for worse


10. finally meeting styles ( maybe)

"What!" Rory exclaimed

"I said that Ms.Johnson was the exact same time on her watch as Mr.Styles."

The officer repeated.

Just then Rory pulled me into the corner of the room and told me "I have been looking into the band ever since you told me about you buying the tickets, I learned that Harry Styles was adopted after a house fire killed his parents and his little sister they could not identify who they were because the bodies were so badly burned so Harry was put into foster care and was later adopted at the age of 7."

"Rory where are you going with this." I questioned.

"Harry is your brother! The house fire was the same fire that killed your parents and the one that they thought killed Harry."

"Rory are you absolutely sure about this."

"Yes Ivy am sure would I be telling you this if it wasn't true I mean look at how similar you look same green eyes and curly brown hair. And I have so pretty vivid memories about your brother and they bear a striking resemblance to Mr.Styles."

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