Count down to heaven

Every one has a watch that counts down to that one fateful day that will change their life for better or for worse


3. daily life as a genius

Rory was quiet as he drove towards school, we went to school at Texas A&M in Commerce Texas. Rory being quite was not unusual he liked to stay within his own min and think through complicated questions and problems even though he already knew the answer to them he jut like to double check or triple check or quadruple check. We where on our way to school when my watch started beeping and our watches only beep when our time to meet that one person has nearly come.

In case you have forgotten every one has a watch this watch is a count down to when you will meet the most important person in your life, this person won't always be your lover I could be your long lost twin it could be your birth mother if you where adopted.

Rory jut looked at me and said "How much time do you have" I hadn't dared look down at my watch but as I did it said " 1 week, 2 days , 4 hours and 17 seconds." He looked at me and said "have you made any big changes in your life that you didn't tell me about". See Rory was kinda over protective of me because my parents had been killed in a house fire that also killed my older brother Harry who was Rory's best friend, Rory was only 5 when he lost his best friend. I didn't want to tell him that I bought the tickets to go see one direction because he hated one direction jut because his ex girl friend liked one direction better than she like him, but I had to tell him because maybe he could help " Well I kinda bought concert tickets" he said " ok that's not so bad what concert did you buy tickets for" now all I wanted to do was jump out the car door and run but I jut couldn't " Uhm one direction" I said In a whisper. All of the sudden Rory slammed on the brakes " what did you jut say "

" I just bought tickets to one direction and got a VIP backstage pass because I am in the genius book of world records for being the smartest 12 year old girl of 20 year!!".


It was just a normal day with the boys just hanging out in our tour bus when all of the sudden I herd that beeping noise that every one told me would bring joy and happiness to my life.

Niall looked at me and said " It's almost your time what does your watch say"

I looked down at my watch and it said

"1 week, 2 days , 4 hours and 17 seconds"....

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