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Welcome to my new and improved store! Come and take a look!


88. Premades

Hello, everyone! Exciting news! I'm putting premades in here so if you like a cover I made when I was messing around then you can ask to have it! 


There are some rules though. 



*Be nice. If someone took the cover you wanted please be nice. There might be another cover you like.

*Actually use it. I know this sounds mean but I did have a case where someone wanted a cover and I gave it to them and they went to another cover store and used the title I put on the cover. I'm giving the cover away. Not the title so, please! Use the cover. If you want me to change anything I can but these covers took me some time to make. 


If I see anyone disobey these rules I will change the status of the cover to available so other people can have it.


Now. Here's how everything is going to work.

All the premades will be numbered so all you have to do is comment the number you want. If two or more want the same cover I will have to think of a way to settle it but if two of you want the same cover and one of you already has a premade then I will choose the one who doesn't so it is fair. Does that make sense?


Anyways, that is it! Hope you are having a wonderful day! 


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