November 15, 2025 is when Isabelle White is taken and sold to the wealthiest bachelor in the world named Michael Clifford.
In 2025, we have gotten a new government. They changed the rules. The rules to where only the rich can own slaves, and if you were in the middle class you were free and okay, but if you were in the lower class; you were a slave.
That's not how Isabelle's life goes though. She was middle class.

Read the story to find out ! (:

AU:Alternative Universe: facts of setting or characterization in the universe being explored or written about are deliberately changed.


3. Chapter 2: Work?

Previously on Chapter 1:

"Your here, because you don't have a home," He said. I shook my head. That wasn't true. I was on the way to my home from work. "I-I have a home," I mumbled quietly, looking down; feeling his stare burn. His stare was an icy cold stare. "what do you mean?" He spoke with a threatening, but angry tone. I jumped at his fiery tone as he walked over to stand in front of me; towering over me.

"When your friend grabbed me, I-I was walking home from work,"


He raised his hand, lowering it to my face as he placed it on my cheek. "Work?" He questioned absurdly. I didn't want to speak. I didn't want to do anything except to go back home. "Yes, to help my parents," I nodded and flinched, feeling his thumb outlining my cheek bone. His eyes staring down into mine.

"What do you mean?" He shook his head, turning it to the left and turned around as his fingers slide down my cheek, leaving a sensation. Something about his touch was different then his servant Calum's. His finger tips were rough and calloused. His hand was larger as he placed it on to my cheek, and then it was his eyes. They were a bright blue, and not like his regular eye color I saw. I couldn't help, but admire him.

I was just a suburban girl who worked to help her family, and not some girl who is now a slave to some guy; a guy that's really attractive. What did he want from me?

He looks frustrated, but why? I watched his hands by his side, one of them clenched together and the other coming up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Fuck!" He shouted. I jumped at his raised voice, my eyes were wide with panic in them. "I-I'm sorry," I mumbled quietly and looked towards him. Michael was turned around, his arms up and pulling at his hair.

"Sir, I heard you got a new servant, who is it?" I heard a girls voice come into the room, I turned my head from Monsieur Clifford, seeing a tall girl with blonde hair to her shoulders. She had bangs that were swept behind her right ear. "Taylor, this is Isabelle," I heard his voice coming out frustrated. His body was turned away from me, but why wasn't he talking to me now? Was it the tall blonde in front of us?

I looked up to the girl named Taylor, and noticed that she had bright red lipstick on. Her hair looked like it had been straightened. "Isabelle White," I corrected Monsieur Clifford, noticing his head snap towards me in a flick of a motion. "Isabelle, don't correct me," he hissed and walked out of my room.

"It's Okay, he doesn't use my last name either," Taylor laughed and smiled, walking over towards me. I nodded, backing away as I looked around. I didn't realize there was other girls here, but maybe they can help me get back home without telling Sir clifford. "What is your last name?" I asked softly, looking towards the taller blonde in front of me. She had a genuine smile, but she could be imitating although she was really nice.

"Swift, but just call me Taylor." she nodded and turned around. "Alright." I say and walk towards my new bed; a queen size bed. I've never had a queen size bed except for a full size bed. I bring my hands up to my jacket and unzip the zipper, taking it off.

"Alright, well I should be going," Taylor says. I watched her walk out of the room and down the hall. I got my own bed, and my own room, but why couldn't I just have this as a job and go home like normal? I needed to help my parents with my little sister.

I laid my jacket down on my new bed, turning around and walking towards my closet. I reached my hands out and placed them on the handles, pulling the doors open as my eyes widen. They were all fancy. Is this what he expects me to wear?

I looked through the rest of the clothes and found a casual outfit. It wad a dress, but not that fancy. It came to mid thigh, and the top part was grey with a black belt and the bottom was white, but a bit more beige. I let my hands run across the fabric, and running my hand up to grab the hanger and pulled it out of the closet.


I walked out of my bedroom. My heels clicking on the floor; the noise echoing through the hall. "Isabelle, I see you've changed." Michael came up the stairs, stopping a few inches away from me. I looked towards him, noticing his eyes watch me, but I think he was mainly checking me out. "It's not like I'm not use to it," I pursed my lips and walked around him towards the living room.

I saw three other guys all sitting on the couch. "Isabelle, you've came down." Calum said, standing up and walking over to me with his arms out wide. I waved, smiling even though it wasn't my real smile. I felt his arms wrap around my waist in a embrace.

I went to move my arms around him to hug him back, but Monsieur Clifford came back and he wasn't very happy with the friendly hug Calum gave me.

"Tu dois me faire marcher. Jaloux cul."(You got to be kidding me. Jealous ass.) I spoke in French, I was irked.

"Isabelle, est maintenant que la façon dont votre supposons de parler à votre maître?"(Isabelle, now is that how your suppose to speak to your master?) He replied, a smirk curving at the end of his lip near his right cheek.

Fucking bastard. When did he speak French? I had no idea until now. He didn't reply back when I spoke it earlier.

I move my hand, bringing it to push some of my hair back from my eyes. This day can't get any worse. First, I had to close my work, then I'm here in this mans house, but it's not just some ordinary man.

This man is incredibly attractive. His blue hair matching his bluish green eyes with his pale ivory skin. He had that punk rock look with his black leather jacket.

I turned my head, looking towards his face. His eyes were bluish green, but they had something in them. What was it? It was appetence. He wanted attention, but from who? Me?

I continued to walk my way towards the couch, seeing Taylor stand up and walk over to Mr.Clifford. "Do you need anything?" She whispers seductively, running her hand down his chest. I watched his hand catch hers quickly.

"Go relax Miss.Swift." he spoke demandingly. I watched intensively, taking a seat on the couch. That was the first time he's ever turned down someone. Did it have something to do with me?

I had no idea, but deep down I knew I was the one he wanted.

Authors Note:

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I added Taylor, who is one of Michael's old girlfriends in this ! Haha :p

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