Red white mixture

Meeting new people discovering new emotions and finding out who we really are.


2. New emotions and feelings

I was just sitting there. The pain. I was thinking to myself why do I care so much. I nudged snow no answer he was still out. I grabbed him by the tail softly and slowly started dragging him over to the mountains of pelts. Then I went to get some sleep I was far away from him so that it wouldn't be awkward if he woke up and I was right next to him . Even though I had my eyes closed I was still not sleeping after about two hours it was just to cold for me to sleep.

On top of that I was shivering like crazy. Then I heard "You know if you were cold you could've just told me" It was snow, I sat up then yelled his name. He smiled. Thanks, he told me. You literally saved my neck out there. I chuckled. I layed back down and i was stubborn so I said "Im not cold what made you think i was cold" I layed on my side so that my hip could heal. Snow layed down and put his back up against mine. Instantly my face started to heat up. "And what makes me think your not cold?" snow shot back. I smiled.

After that I pretty much just slept until late evening the next day. Snow was already up when I woke up. I yawned then stretched. "How are you feeling snow?"

"Fine you?"

"Im fine"

Something was different though then I noticed the cave was completely empty the pelts were gone everything was gone.

"Hey snow why is everything gone?" snows eyes narrowed.

"Remember the guys we got attacked by."

"Ya, how could I forget."

"They will be back whether we like it or not we have to leave this place." I looked at snow like he just cut the worst type of cheese. I dont know why but I got so angry. "I swear i'm going to......" Snow stopped me. "Don't mess with them."

"Why cant I could tear those guys apart like they were nothing!" Snow looked at me with a painful expression. 

"I dont want you getting hurt" His words shocked me. I wanted to yell at him so badly but something stopped me.

"Ya well...." I tried to think of a good come back. "....Im not a baby I can handle myself plus at least im not weak like you!" My own words shocked me, I looked up at him his eyes were full of sorrow he looked away. "Im going come if you want to" he said. Thats when I realized I hurt him.

I  ran over and did a fish tail so that I would be in between him and the exit. Then I suddenly blurted, "I was mad at myself for letting you get hurt and not protecting you and.." I choked up tears streaming down my face. Snow then hugged me, "dont worry about it.." my eyes widened like owls and I just stood there for a moment trying to comprehend what the heck just happened...."Can we go now?" I blinked twice and said yes like five times. He chuckled and grabbed the couple pelts he had tooken from the pile and slung them onto his back. 

The whole time we were walking I was just thinking, why did my heart flutter when I heard his voice? Why when I saw him in the morning I felt a fierce longing for something? I heard splashing but I wasnt really paying attention to it. I felt a huge force hit up to the side of my body and I was swept of my feet. I heard snow call my name but I was already downstream and taking on water I heard huge splashes and then saw I was going to go down a waterfall. I was horrified Everytime I tried to take a breath I just got water.

then I felt a sharp pain of something or someone grabbing my neck. It was trying to pull me out..... then I flew out of the water onto land. I felt something odd underneath me.... I dared to look. It was snow And I was on top of him.... This is awkward this is awkward I kept saying to myself. I immediatly got off him. "Watch were your going because next time I might not be able to save you.."

"Im so sorry" I said

"You have nothing to apologize for its just I dont really want you to die because then I would be all alone again" His face got a little red."I promise next time I'll watch where im going." I said. He got up and shook his pelt. "By the way I forgot to ask where are we going?"I asked "Were going to an old friend of mines den." 







Authors note sorry this chapter isnt long but next one will be extra long see ya'll next time :)

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