Red white mixture

Meeting new people discovering new emotions and finding out who we really are.


3. Another color added to the mix

(Snow pov)

Yesterday, the people we got attacked by were wolves of the rock, a powerful, and strong. it was the organization that killed my pack and family. Of course I didnt tell red about it.


Ever since I met red shes always been suborn, never really aware. Since the fight with that crazy organization, things have been weird shes constantly blushing whenever I say or so anything nice to her. I just really hope she's OK. I told her we were going to my friends den.... that was a lie my friend didnt have a cave all she had was trees, I have to admit I just wanted red to stop worrying. I couldn't bare the expression she made when she was worried. ¨So what path we on?" red asked, ¨The thorn bush path the lumbers use¨

¨No wonder they called it the thorn bush path, they are everywhere.¨ She mumbled, I laughed slightly ¨Ya, I mean the lumbers can be pretty dumb sometimes."  

"So whats your family like ive told you about mine what your story." I asked, no reply maybe a sensitive subject..... I can be pretty oblivious like her sometimes but its not my fault.... Ya its my fault.

"Sensitive subject?¨ 



It was like a knife that stabbed me in the heart. She breaks the silence, "So whats your friends name" I get tense and started saying savan but end up saying savy, it was her name, but it was her nickname. "Savanah wont like this" I said under my breath. "Oh ok!" Red smiles. I pause for a moment and start to realize the pain in my neck. Red notices it to, 

"Are you ok?"

"Ya I think I just need to re-do the webbing"

"Oh, want me to help you?"

"No i'm good but thanks"


Reds face went down it looked like she was failing to meet my expectations or at least thats what I thought she was feeling. All of a sudden I felt like someone was watching me, my ears search frantically twitching in every direction. I spotted some eyes next to red in the bush of the path, the lumbers used. ¨RED DUCK¨ I watch horrified as red suddenly realized that someone was there and in my mind it was in slow motion so it looked like she was watching her own mother getting eaten....... I felt something in my legs and I lunged in front of red dug my claws into the ground by basically standing on the tip of my nails. Direct impact I was thrown at the thorn bush, 

3rd pov for the fight.

Snow got up, and tackled the attacker biting its neck, the attacker kicked snow of him. Snow got up and got a good look at him,  ¨So your back for more, I see.¨ Snow growled. ¨Ya i´ve come to tie loose ends.¨ He bit the attackers neck killing him but he didnt notice that the attacker tore off a patch of his fur, red yelled..¨ LOOK!!! You got bit¨ snow shrugged it off like it was nothing.¨ 

Red pov

Despite what he thinks I just want him to stop shouldering everything by himself. He never once asked for my help not once. I see where his pack leader blood came into play. I was mad, well I think I was mad at myself for not being able to help him. 


2 Hours later

 We were in a huge forest, It was hot and dark because the canopy was huge and it was also very mist.Snow yelled something strange and it looked like the trees bark started to crawl. I jumped behind snow to take cover but snow just laughed at me. "HEY THERE OLD FRIEND HAVN"T SEEN YOU IN AWHILE" 


Tons of monkey came down to the base of the tree where a ton of leaves where in a pile. The monkeys just slightly moved the leaves for a sliver into the carved in whole into the base of the tree. I looked at snow he looked excited so I smiled to.

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