Red white mixture

Meeting new people discovering new emotions and finding out who we really are.


1. A new color


                   I was a raging reckless young fox , with an attitude that got me into more trouble then I could imagine. Anyway I was hunting a deer down a riverside I was reckless like I said and I attacked the herd leader which this happens rarely but he scooped me up in his horns and threw me at a tree, he was exceptionally strong for a deer. I should've been more careful but was about to pass out after a few more stabs from the deer.

 I was just siting there up against the tree gushing blood thinking about the most embarrassing way that I could've gone out. "Umm are you ok?" I whipped my head over to where I heard that voice came from. "Your covered in blood." I managed to say something I regretted "What do you want, have you come here to mock me?" "No I came here to find out what all the ruckus was about." "You can come out of the shadows now." I croaked. "Very well." A huge white snout came from the shadows followed along with the rest of a huge white as snow male wolf.

"So you've come to eat me, huh?" I smarted off

"Thats not the way you talk to someone whose about to save you from bleeding out."

"Are you trying to piss me off?"

"Hang in there you'll be....

Then to my surprise I passed out all I could feel is something holding my neck carefully. I woke up after in the darkness. "Am I dead?" I mumbled. "I don't think so?" I heard come from the darkness. Then I remembered. "Who are you, And why did you save me?" I mumbled. "Because usually your kind eats the weak." I heard someone shift and light suddenly shown down on a white pelt. I looked around so I could remember how to get in and out. It was a cave with green leaves decorating the ceiling there were rabbit pelts and various other pelts in a corner which was probably this guys bed. "I am snow leader of a fallen pack that perished. The reason why I saved you that is quite simple.

Because I was just like you alone and scared." "Hey who said I was scared!" I barked at him. He sighed and completely ignored me."Like I was saying I was alone and scared just like you when my pack got torn apart I watched all my friends and family die. I ran away not thinking about anyone but myself, but after awhile of being chased they caught up to me and almost killed me but alas came along a fox she killed of the power grabs and saved my life. I owe it to foxes now." I would have to admit at the time I felt really bad for him he was young at the time and he held a burden most animals cant handle. 

What happened to her? I asked him. She died protecting what was the rest of my pack but it was all for nothing the rest of my pack eventually died to. I could tell he was not lying his face looked like he saw much more then what he was tell me. I didnt cry when I was getting stabbed over and over by that "deer"But here I was about to cry. I got up and padded over to him. "Hey what the you shouldn't be..." I hugged him. I looked at his face it was flushed down to his chin. I chuckled. I felt a slight stab in my hip and fell over. "Hey are you OK" he Anxiously. My vision started to go black I looked at my side to see my hip covered in webbing to stop the bleeding but it came undone when I was walking over to him. I passed out.

I woke up to someone or something next to me it was dark out now and i could make out snow sleeping next to me. At that moment more then ever I wondered what I got myself into.  I shifted so that I wouldn't be so close to him. Agitated he woke.

Your awake? I forgot to ask but whats your name

"I guess so, and the names dawn but you can call me red."

"How are you feeling red?"    

"Better, thanks by the way."

"For what?"

"You know saving me.." I could feel my face heating up.

"No problem." he looked up to see the moon coming over the hole I know saw in the roof of what I thought was a cave....

"Umm where are we?" My voice cracked at the worst time possible.

"Oh were in a dried up volcano... Why?"

"WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!" I cried.

"What you didn't notice the hole in the roof and the cone looking ..cave.. ?"

Now that I noticed the leafs earlier were blocking the hole the leaves where like a chandelier. I had to admire his sense of beauty. The moon fully shown thru the hole now and the whole cave seemed to light up. I gasped.

"Hey look who isnt all bluff and bluster now" He mentioned

I gave him the scowling face treatment. He laughed. I suddenly had a tingling feeling go down my back and shoulders. His ears suddenly perked and so did mine. Were surrounded he whispered to me. I looked at him horrified The entrance to the volcano suddenly lit up with eyes staring us down. Snow tensed and so did I. A loud growling sound echoed into the cave. I heard growling coming form snow his growl was deep and yet like a loud wave of hostility. "So I see your back with your friends" Snow barked. "Yes I've come to teach you where you belong." A deep voice said.

"Oh i'm sure you are."At that moment I looked at snows face his eyes were narrowed and all I saw after that was a red streak followed by some crunching noises and snows muzzle was covered in blood. I was tackled from the side. I could here snow say my name but I was so mad at the dark figures for attacking me and him. I kicked the something that attacked me and I got a quick glance at the animal who attacked me as a reward, it was a wolf a huge one at that. "Snow why are they attacking us" I barked at him. No reply. "Snow Answer me!"

Yet again no reply I looked over to where he shouldve been but all I saw was a  puddle of blood and snows limp body. I felt something powerful course through my veins. I was so angry I didnt notice that I was starting to glow an orange color. "You'll pay I swear it!" I thrust myself at the attackers and sliced them up like there where cheese and I was an extra sharp knife. My eyes were stinging with angered tears.

Once I was finished with them, I raced over to snow. "Snow answer me please! Snow...?" I cried. I thought then logic said to me that there was no point sitting here and watching my friend die. So I found some herbs my family taught me about and covered his neck with the herbs juices where the wound was then wrapped spider webs  I found in the cave around his neck to keep it from coming off." Now I just had to wait and pray he would make it through.


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