Dragon Warrior

A woman and her dragon fight together, but something tragic happens.. then they find something extraordinary.


3. Set-Up

I went inside the castle, and into my room. I grabbed my 2 old pillows and got a new dog bed from the salesman, I paid him twice the price for it and told him to keep the coins. I set up the bed and lay the baby dragon in it, fast asleep. I put down two bowls and put 3 different foods in it to see what it liked. I had pebbles, flowers and Misty's favorite.. cookie crumbs. I the other bowl I put water, the one drink all dragons like. I also got some fake grass and put it on my balcony. It was ready. As the dragon woke up, I tapped the edge of the food bowl. It waddle clumsily towards it and looked inside. It got 2 flat pebbles, a flower petal and a sprinkle of cookie crumbs, and made a small sandwich like thing. It ate it, I was nervous. It liked it! Now to drink, what? It doesn't like water! It looked up at my coffee and sat down. I emptied its water and switched it with a bit of coffee. It took a sip, and another, and another... It loves coffee!!

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