Dragon Warrior

A woman and her dragon fight together, but something tragic happens.. then they find something extraordinary.


5. Powerful

I rubbed my eyes, sat up and yawned. I looked down at Echo's bed, where is Echo? I went outside my room, and just above the heater I saw him hanging by his claws, like a bat. A new power was revealed, though it won't be useful in a war. The fire will. I picked him up and went downstairs, the maid had served pancakes and waffles for me and the sandwich-things for Echo. After breakfast, I went back upstairs and got ready, I also put a little set of armor on Echo, the blacksmith made it just for him. We went outside and trained for a few hours, I set up some targets and pointed at them while Echo learned how to aim. Every time he hit it I would give him some food as a treat. He is so cute, maybe cuter than his mom! I then stood on a small tower and tried to make Echo fly, we got further into the woods. There were eyes in the bushes, I grabbed Echo and started to walk away, the 'eyes' saw us. A pack of wolves surrounded me and Echo. My sword wasn't there, I saw Echo camouflage and I felt him lift out my hand. I waited defending myself with a stick. All of a sudden, fire started spreading around the wolves, one they were dead Echo sprayed water on them and sat back on my hand. I can see him again now, he looks exhausted. 2 more powers, that's 4 altogether now. Camouflage, Fire, Water and Hanging. We went back to the castle, untouched. We were going to be the best team ever.

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