Dragon Warrior

A woman and her dragon fight together, but something tragic happens.. then they find something extraordinary.


2. New species.

There I sat glaring into the mirror, staring at my still, loose ginger hair. My pale green eyes and my makeup to hide my battle scars. The door knocked, "Come in," I muttered worriedly. There stood my son, with what seemed like 50 guards behind him. He stood looking scared and speechless for a few minutes. "You need to see this," he replied finally. I just stood up and pointed outside, I then followed him. Outside the village was surrounding the forest, with weird purple goo flooding the fields. They tilted their head through the path, the goo got deeper. The was a crowd surrounding something, I walked towards it and they moved back to make a path. They looked nervous, I looked down. I couldn't believe it... Misty is dead, the strongest dragon that belonged to the leader. I kneeled down and burst into tears, I didn't care my armor was soaked. The dragon I watched hatch and raised my entire life was dead, "What about the baby?" I asked, wiping away the tears. He just passed me a small basket with a large egg inside. "She doesn't even get to see her own egg hatch," I wept. Just then a slight crack was at the top of the egg, it got bigger and bigger. The top of the egg broke off. I lifted the bottom of the egg up into my palm and lifted the shell off its head. There lay the cutest little dragon I had ever seen, Purple eyes with a white body. I turned to Maison, the  dragon expert, "Its... its... unknown," he told me. A whole new species I got to name myself, "I will call the species of dragon the White Mist dragon," I proclaimed to the village. "Your name will be Echo," I smiled at the baby dragon laying in my wet, tear covered hands. A male Glacius dragon and a  Pandora dragon have never met, yet made the White Mist dragon. I thought to myself.

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