Dragon Warrior

A woman and her dragon fight together, but something tragic happens.. then they find something extraordinary.


4. Attatched

It was dark, the stars were twinkling in the sky. Echo was asleep, but I couldn't get over Misty dying... I felt alone, lost, I didn't know what to do.... 

I knew that my husband had plans, yet I didn't. My husbands name is Jackson. He is king of the land, I am just a warrior that got lucky. I still fight now matter what, Jackson is afraid when I go to fight thinking I will die. I am the strongest warrior in the village. Yet now, emotion wise, I am the weakest. Then a fire lights in my fire place, what happened? In the corner of my eye I see Echo closing his mouth and laying back down. Fire? I repeated in my head, no other dragon has fire apart from the rare Phibius dragon. I wonder what else he can do, I will find out in the morning, I guess....

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