My Secret Life

This is a story told in a diary format about a girl who feels emotions as they are and her struggle to over come the pain of her dad moving to another state and her mother marring a guy she has known for barely two years.


1. Augest 15, 2016

Tomorrow is the fist day of school, tomorrow will be the firs time I'll head to the bus with my mother by my side knowing that I won't see dad in till sometime in 2017. I really miss him I try to hide my tears whenever I feel them coming. TJ looks at me like I'm crazy most of the time now and I can't really blame him. Sometimes I feel like I'm morning my father instead of missing him.Anyway wish me luck tomorrow. In all my sorrow I am really nervous to see all my friends again, I really miss Jenna Davis and Zach Persons.

All for now!


Kitty Ann Prior

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