The Dragons Egg

A boy finds something on the beach, but it turns out there was a twist.


2. Cliffside

As they got out the car, they looked up at a 2 story cabin on the edge of a cliff.

It had a wooden fence around the edges of the garden and had a small wooden seesaw, though Henry at the time thought how he could use it because he had no siblings, or friends. His mother had already started to put the boxes inside, so Henry grabbed one and got his suitcase out the back. Inside it echoed, there were spiderwebs and the walls were made of logs, laying on their side. Henry went upstairs to pick a room he wanted. "Where's the bathroom?" he asked his mother. "We dont have one, we go in a hole outside," She told him. They had moved from a big mansion so he didn't like having to go outside to do his business. Henry would most of the time be in his room anyway, he would read, play board games or sometimes he would draw pictures. "Now what wallpaper would you like?" his mother asked. "Red and black stripes," Henry replied. "Alright then, I'm painting so go and get the duster," She answered.

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