The Dragons Egg

A boy finds something on the beach, but it turns out there was a twist.


1. The Boy

The Boy

A long time ago, a decade perhaps... a young boy lived.

His name was Henry Taylor. "HENRY, GET DOWN HERE NOW!" 

he could hear his mother calling as he was packing away the last of his socks into

a small grey suitcase. "The moving van is here, hop in the car," she told him, putting his suitcase in the back of the car. Just then, another moving truck arrived

with the new family moving in. The door opened as a young girl, about 7 stepped out holding a small pink teddy bear with a bracelet that said, "Fluffy" Henry just got in the car and buckled up, not really noticing her parents. On the way out of the city, it

was all country side, they were moving to the middle of nowhere. A town was shown over the horizon. There was a small beach with a stream that lead into the town.

Later, they got out the car and stood looking up at the new house.

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