Dragons and Insanity.

You've heard Ashley's side of things, but you didn't think the other Legend just sat around while Dragorina did all the work. I, Arceopogrin, have a lot I do myself. However my style is different. I'm more serious, but what I'm about to have to deal with, well, I've got to change my style a bit. And my temporary partner will definitely test my patience as we race against the evil Pokemon to find the dimension's last dragon...

(Some violence, minimal cursing, use of alcohol. May not be suitable for younger readers)


3. Times Extinction

    After Freemon stalled for about an hour, we finally got him to take us to Morgoon's. When we got there, a man maybe in his late twenties to early thirties opened the door. He was quite unusual looking. Although he was a rather strongly-built man, he also had pink hair with a purple streak. It was Morgoon. He hugged Freemon, excited to see him, and other than yelling at the girls running around the house, he seemed quite sane. He invited us in and had us come to the living room, which was very quaint and would have been peaceful if it wasn't for the squealing children.
    "So what brings you here, Freemon? I thought you'd never visit. Or are you just proving a point to these people?" he sat down on the love seat.
    " I could care less about coming to visit a traitor of my family. These weirdos need help, though. You remember Ashley?"
    "It'd be hard to forget her!"
    "Henry here is her cousin, and these are his weirdo friends."
    "A bit hypocritical to call us weirdos," said Sweetpea.
    "Cousin! So you must be some powerful being as well! And you need me to fight off a massive army and blow up ships and stuff alongside you, like Ashley did!"
    "Well you're half right," I told him, "I'm not sure what happened with you when Ashley was here but there's no large armies or anything like that. You see, there's these things, evil Pokémon, that plan to take out this world's last dragon."
    "There are no dragons, though. The most dragon-like thing I've ever seen was Dragorina."
    "That's what I've told him."
    "Dragorina is actually hardly related to dragons, but that's besides the point. Apparently there is some kind of dragon still left about in this world. We don't even have any clues on how to find it. If we don't find it before the evil Pokémon, it could dramatically affect this world. I'm not sure why or how, but Dragorina hasn't given even me much detail on this issue other than to find the dragon and stop the evil Pokémon," I clarified.
    "I'm sorry there isn't anything I can really say to help you..." the man paused, "However, I may know a place that can."
    "The old Saturious Library, near the outskirts of town. I'm surprised that they haven't taken the place down yet.  Barely anyone goes there anymore. But it's been there since Saturious was a small village. That's what I heard, at least." 
    "You mean we'll have to look at actual books?!" Freemon whined.
    Sparke laughed. "What library doesn't have books?"
    "Modern libraries here don't have books but instead a mass place of computers and holograms," I told him.

    Freemon exchanged a perplexed glance. "I thought you were from another world, not time?"

    "They are. It's just more advanced here. We don't have time for this, though. Let's find this library so we can find this dragon before the evil Pokémon do."


                                                                   *                              *                               * 

    And so with what little help we got from Morgoon (or Demon, as he corrected us many times. Quite frankly, I think the insanity must run in the family), we went to the Old Saturious Library. We went in and it was very... dank. They hadn't even any proper lighting and still had lanterns. It was greatly in need of updating, at least by a century or two, so they could have electricity at the bare minimum. The librarian, well, she didn't look any younger than the building. Freemon stared at her. I nudged him. 

   "Uh- where can we find information on dragons?" he stuttered.

   "Dictation of McKraggins?"

   "Information on dragons."

   "Precipitation in Papplons?"


   "Speak louder, sonny, I can't understand you."

   Freemon was ready to pull out his hair in frustration. 
  "I got this. Ahem, amuse glee, meek lard cooking cords integration of dry loons," Musona stepped up.

  "Ah! You want information on dragons! Why didn't you say so? Right upstairs, and to the left on the second to last shelf, fourth to the top," she said with a warm smile.


   "I'm fluent in 'hard of hearing.' My brother had reverse Pokérus. Antennae were stopped up for four months straight. Even after he got better. And he couldn't hardly hear in the first place." 


   "Oh, mark stew!"

   "No problem, sweetie."

  Wendle shuddered. "Let's just find something so we can get out of here. this place kind of gives me the creeps."

   We went over to where we were told to, but unfortunately, that fourth to top shelf was a very long shelf. And there were more books than we expected. We had to divide up the books and if we hadn't already wasted enough time, we had no choice but to go through each and every one of them. 

    An hour passed, and then another. We had no luck on how we could find the last dragon.

    "I'm going to go find the rest room real quick," said Musona.

    "Hurry," I uttered.

    She walked down stairs and went up to the librarian.

    "Find what you are looking for, sweetie?" 

    "Meek lard crying."

    "Well, I hope you can. I'm sure you will. I must say, you are much nicer than the gentlemen that came in earlier. I was so glad to see someone come in here for a change. I greeted them the nicest I could, I thought they looked quite strange with pale white faces and green hair, blue mo-hawks. And who wears sunglasses indoors? How rude. I was nice just the same, but they didn't give so much as a hello. Just headed right over to clockwork and left an hour later. I still need to clean up over there. Didn't even bother to clean up. Just left everything out all over the place."
    Musona stopped. Forgetting all about her little emergency what the old lady had said was concerning. White faces. Green and blue hair. Concealing eyes. The perfect description of non other than evil Galades. So they too had come here. But why clockwork? Musona walked around till she found the mass of books strayed across the tables. Twelve books were open, all apart of a series. 'Times Extinction'. Marked with Roman numerals. Strange markings were on the pages that were open, along with writing in an ancient language. Musona pulled out her phone and called me.

   "Henry, I believe you're going to want to see this."

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