Dragons and Insanity.

You've heard Ashley's side of things, but you didn't think the other Legend just sat around while Dragorina did all the work. I, Arceopogrin, have a lot I do myself. However my style is different. I'm more serious, but what I'm about to have to deal with, well, I've got to change my style a bit. And my temporary partner will definitely test my patience as we race against the evil Pokemon to find the dimension's last dragon...

(Some violence, minimal cursing, use of alcohol. May not be suitable for younger readers)


1. Strictly Business

    Somehow, Dragorina had pulled off its little stunt. I didn't know how, and I didn't really care how. I was just glad it did. I didn't show it too much though. I never do. My cousin says I should loosen up some. I just take my job a little more seriously, is all. I don't really feel there's time to deal with rambunctious cat creatures and irritating uncooperative zombies all day and all night. I'm not saying that it has bad friends and allies; they suit it, I guess, but it's also stronger than me. Not too much, but it still makes all the difference. I prefer my allies not just to be strong, but well composed and organized. However when we found out that evil Pokémon had escaped to other worlds, I found I would have to start going out of my comfort zone.
    "Nice one, Sweetpea."
    Sweetpea is one of my partners; a shiny Bellossom. I was having a small group from my team working on their accuracy skills at Pokétown's gym. I was working with Sparke(Luxray), Wendle(shiny Galvantula), Reeses(shiny Audino), Musona, (Krikitune), and as I said, Sweetpea.
    "I just imagine the target is Wendle," Sweetpea said curtly.
    "What..?" Wendle shuffled back a bit.
    "I'm kidding," she reassured him.
    "That's all fine and dandy, but remember, there won't be time for joking of any sorts during the real thing. Those evil Pokemon are ruthless, and any distractions can easily get you killed." I warned them.
    "Yet, Ashley brings that R.Z guy with her. How does she manage that? It's like trying to take care of ten five year olds at once!" Reeses demanded.
    "She's just better at dealing with things like that. Besides, he's already dead. You aren't, you have a life to keep still. So focus is key." I reminded with caution.
    Sparke began speaking up. "Hey Henry, looks like we've got a job. Ashley has a situation in the gem world, but there seems to be in an issue in one of the alternate Dungeon and Dragon worlds. Something about taking out the last dragon." He walked over to show me the text.
    "The Xiati? That's the Sci-fi based world of DnD." I mused. "She says there's a friend there that could help us as well. A noble called Freemon."
    "Let's get going then, why don't we?" Reeses insisted.
    We left as soon as possible. I opened a portal and exited behind a large building in Terrania City, one of the dimension's largest cities. My team, which had been specially trained, turned human to fit in with the surroundings.
    I glanced at Sparke. "So Sparke, where does it say we find this Freemon?"  
    "According to the message, Freemon will most likely be found at the Dusky Comet?" he answered.
    "The Dusky Comet?" 
    "Sounds like a bar name," implied Musona.
    "Let's hope not. A bar wouldn't seem like the place for a noble anyways." I replied.
    We walked out around the corner and made our way down the street. We tried to stop and ask people where we might find the place but none were very receptive. We were given rude gestures and cursed at. I had to correct Sweetpea a few times to prevent her from starting anything.
    "Gee, I hope the whole city isn't like this." Wendle complained.
    "Our new 'partner' may not be any better." I warned.
    "Look! Down that way! That sign says 'The Dusky Comet'!" Sparke beckoned.
    "It seems so." We turned and travelled down the street. I got a bad vibe from the people. Even more than from the people on the other street. As Musona had predicted, the full sign read The Dusty Comet Tavern. 
    "AND STAY OUT YOU LOUSY THUG!" A man yelled literally throwing a man out into the street in front of us.
    "Nice town," remarked Wendle sarcastically.
    I picked the man off the ground, but he only cursed and pushed away.
    "Hands off, you filthy animal!" he barked. He tried to walk away but I yanked him by the collar of his jacket and pulled him back.
    "Now, that isn't how we talk to someone that helps us, is it?" I pulled him up to me, face to face. "I just have a question I'd like to ask. By any chance, would you know if there is a noble that goes by the name of Freemon in there?"
    "HA! What are you, some kind of prissy rich boy? There's a Freemon in there, but he's anything but noble, claims he is, but of course, only fool like you would believe him." he jeered.
    "That's all I need to know." I kicked him in the kneecap and pushed him aside. "Arrogant vagrants." I sighed. "Come on, he's in there."
    We walked in, it was like an old 1800s tavern, just more advanced. A band played Black Betty, but was only somewhat heard over people chatter and bickering. 
    "Split up. We'll find him and get out faster that way." I instructed.
    I went up to the bar looked for a seat.
    "You seem young to be at a bar, sonny," the bartender called, wiping down a glass.
    "I'm older than I appear, but I'm here strictly for business." I started to move a wrench sitting on a bar stool but the man stopped me.
    "I wouldn't do that. Freemon doesn't like people to mess with his wrench," he warned. "It's hard enough to keep him from starting stuff, he gives me a lot of business though, so I let him stay."
    "This 'Freemon'...could you tell me a bit about him?" I inquired
    "BARTENDER!" He slid a beer down the counter.
    "Depends, what's in it for me?" he asked half-heartedly.
    I expanded on my speech. "I don't have to get this information from you. I can just as easily find out myself. I'd just like to find out what I'm getting into. You seem like a pretty nice guy, at least compared to the rest of the people around here. So I'd hate to mistakenly start something." 
    "Is that a threat? You talk big for a little pint like you." The bartender cackled.
    "It's only a threat if you make it one." 
    "Boys!" yelled the bartender. Four large men got up and stopped over and stood behind me. "Boys. This 'kid' would like to know about Freemon." The men chuckled." He says he's here for business. What business would that be huh?"
    "The business you have no business knowing about." I snapped.
    "I'm going to give you one last chance, kid. What business do you have here?" 
    "And I'm going to give you one last chance. I want to know about Freemon."
    The bartender snapped his fingers and the men went to grab me. I grabbed one mans hand off my shoulder and flipped him onto the bar. The music stopped and everyone stood to try to get in in on the fight. Two thugs charged from opposite sides I jumped and grabbed a beam pulling myself up and the men crashed into each other. I leaped back down and another man came at me I sidestepped and pinned his arm behind his back and just before I could throw him against a table, everything seemed to stop.
    "HEY! WHO STARTED THIS!?" screamed a man. He seemed young. He had messy jet black hair except for a few streaks dyed red. He had red eyes as well. He wore dark grey pants and shirt. "I REPEAT, WHO THE HELL STARTED THIS??!"

 Everyone pointed at me. He marched over.
    "Sir I was just-"
    "I'm very sorry, and ma'am, whoever you are, I apologize I just-"
The crowd snickered.
    He turned around and walked over to the broken bar counter. He picked up the wrench off the floor which had been on the stool. He seemed to stare longingly at the tool for a moment before turning back around and walking back over. 
    "Apologize to Wrenchy!" he screamed in a high pitch, holding up the wrench.
    "Excuse me?"
    By now, I had put the pieces of the puzzle together. This strange man was Freemon. He was nothing I had expected. I looked around at my friends and they all had very discombobulated looks. They hadn't figured it out yet. I was just as bewildered as them. This was Dragorina's friend?
    "So you're Freemon..." I uttered. 
    "Naw dip? Now apologize!"
    "I think not. My friends and I have certain business to speak with you about-"
    "It is required by Ashley Potestatem-"
    "I WILL- Ashley...." He paused mid-sentence,calming down a bit. The man was obviously not all there, but however Ashley had come across this person, he must have trusted her or have felt he was in debt to her for something."We'll go somewhere private. Darik, clean this mess. We can't drink in a place like this." The man grabbed me by the ear and pulled me to a back room. My team tried to follow but the door was slammed in their faces.
    "Who the hell are you?" he demanded an answer.
    "Henry Sapientes. Pretty sure Ashley told you of her only cousin?"
    "Of course, but how do I know you ain't lyin'?" he trialed, pointing the wrench in my face. He pulled it back and held it to his ear. After a moment he nodded and began to pace the room. "I suppose it's possible. Very possible. But we have to be sure."
    "Are you blind, man?! If you were really Ashley's cousin, you would see my friend is not just some wrench! You're no different than anyone else. 'Freemon's a crazy man!','Look at crazy old Freemon talking to his wrench again!', ' Freemon thinks he a noble but no one would ever hire a psychopath' CAUSE NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THE GOOD I EVER DID FOR THIS WORLD AND NEVER WILL!", he slammed his fists on the table, heavily breathing. He wasn't wrong. He was in fact, insane. Sick in the head.
    "Ashley told me you were a noble. I believe her. From first glance I never would have thought it. And you're right. If I wasn't given the information I was given before I came here I would think you were purely crazy. But you wouldn't be a noble for nothing now, would you? That's why Ashley chose to work with you. An unappreciated noble. That's why you've gone insane..."
    Freemon stared down at the table and laughed. "You think you've already got everything all figured out don't you. Well let me tell you something! I admit. I'm probably a bit crazy. But I'm no fool. I was crazy long before I became a noble. I just know who my enemies are. I'm called nuts mostly for speaking with Wrenchy, but I'm not crazy for that. Wrenchy speaks to me, whether or not anyone's else hears or believes me. I'm only crazy cause when I fight, I'm ruthless and will not hesitate to kill if we find it necessary."
    "That's good to know. It would have been nice if Ashley could tell me this stuff, but she likes to just do things without any explanation first." 
    He looked at 'Wrenchy' which he had placed on the table. What was interesting though, is that he stared above it rather that at it, like a person was there... He nodded his head in agreement, I figured it wasn't to me, however. "You seem to be honest. I don't particularly trust you, but Wrenchy does. You said you had business here with me. Why did you come here?"
    "We've had problems lately with this particular beings we called evil Pokémon. They are pure evil energy that have taken the forms of powerful creatures of another world. Unfortunately a while back we found they escaped to other worlds somehow and multiplied. They've been quite troublesome, trying to cause disruptions in the dimension's balances." I explained thoroughly.
    "And they're here? What would you need us for?" he asked, more interested this time.
    "Ashley said something about the evil Pokemon planning to take out this worlds last dragon. She was probably hoping you could help us find the dragon. You'd know this world better than us."
    "There is no last dragon. They've been extinct for centuries." He informed me.
    "What!? Unless somehow I've been lead onto a wild goose chase, but Ashley wouldn't do that to me. And wherever she got her information she would have made sure it wasn't false."
    "Do you mean to tell me there's possible a dragon that know one knows about? If that were so... HA! If we were to find this dragon and bring it to the Emperor, we would be rich! And I'd finally get the respect I deserve!" 
    "We would need to find lead on finding the dragon before we make any further decisions can be made." I stated.
    "Well, one guy I know...He may know something..." he suggested.

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