Dragons and Insanity.

You've heard Ashley's side of things, but you didn't think the other Legend just sat around while Dragorina did all the work. I, Arceopogrin, have a lot I do myself. However my style is different. I'm more serious, but what I'm about to have to deal with, well, I've got to change my style a bit. And my temporary partner will definitely test my patience as we race against the evil Pokemon to find the dimension's last dragon...

(Some violence, minimal cursing, use of alcohol. May not be suitable for younger readers)


6. Putting the Pieces Together

 "Why did you not tell me that Wrenchy was the dragon if you knew all along?" I had met up with Dragorina finally, and told it all that had happened. I was not too happy about some things either.

   "I didn't think I needed to. Did she not tell you when you first got there?"

   "Now you tell me! NO! I thought she was just a wrench, why would I talk to a wrench?"

   "Well, there's the problem. It's your own fault, not mine."

   I shook my head. "I still don't get how it all connects."

   "Duh! Wrenchy took out the evil Pokémon on the train, which got rid of the Trick Room they had used. The evil Galades set up the trap because they wanted you there when they did the mech thing so they could 'defeat you'."

    "But why did they need the dragon?"

    "They didn't. That was me. See, Wrenchy told me she needed a proper chance to use her full power cause if she didn't soon some of her parts will stick shut for good, and then she won't be able to use it. So I put two and two together and bota-bing-bota-boom, everything worked out."

    "So...Freemon isn't crazy?"

    "Oh no, he's crazy alright, just not for the Wrenchy thing."



Later on I was thinking to myself again. I had thought about what the evil Ho-Oh had said just before being defeated. They want to destroy the multiverse. It even admitted that they may be defeated. But why did it think even if they were all gone, the end would be inevitable?

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