Dragons and Insanity.

You've heard Ashley's side of things, but you didn't think the other Legend just sat around while Dragorina did all the work. I, Arceopogrin, have a lot I do myself. However my style is different. I'm more serious, but what I'm about to have to deal with, well, I've got to change my style a bit. And my temporary partner will definitely test my patience as we race against the evil Pokemon to find the dimension's last dragon...

(Some violence, minimal cursing, use of alcohol. May not be suitable for younger readers)


4. Melancholy Hill

   "What is it?" I said, running over.

   "The librarian told me evil Pokémon were here earlier. They left these out. What do they mean?"
   I studied the writing. "Design notes? They look like incomplete instructions for something. Like a bunch of different ideas for inventions and then whoever was making them just...gave up."

    "What could the evil Pokémon want to do with them? What would it have to do with the dragon?"

    "I don't know, but if it's important to them, it's even more important to us. We should hold on to these."

    As we picked up the books we found a note under one. 'On Melancholy Hill'. 

    "Guess one of then was jamming out while they were going through these."

    I picked it up. "Maybe, but I have a feeling there is more to it than just that."

     We went back to the others, who had taken a break while I was gone, and were frantically rushing to look productive.

    "Stop. Despite your desperate and terrible acting, we don't have to deal with these books anymore."
   "Really?" Sweetpea sighed with relief.
    "We were looking in the wrong place."

    They all moaned.
    "But we don't have to look still. We have what we need. Evil Pokémon may be self-serving, but they also prove to be lazy. They left these out," we put the books on the table, "and maybe this means something to you, Freemon?" I showed him the note.

    "Melancholy Hill? That's an ancient rune ground on Steamroc. Pretty much everything on the planet is built up with clockwork mechanics. What's that have to do with a dragon?"
    "Even if it doesn't, the evil Pokémon are going to be there. If we can ambush them, we won't even have to worry about a dragon."

     Reeses spoke up. "So then, we're going to Steamroc?"

     "Yes. And this time we travel by my methods."

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