Can love really conquer all? Even the barriers of life and death?


1. Jane

I patiently, wait praying that he'll say something, anything would be nice at this point, but he remains painfully silent. My hope is dwindling faster than usual because somehow this feels more real. I know now that throughout all this time that we've been together we have been leaning on a ledge. This is our moment of truth. We will either fall back and land safely on the ground together or he will make it on his own and I'll plummet into the inescapable oblivion because I know I can't exist without him. It should scare me how much I trust him, but I'm actually rather comforted by it. Still though, he says nothing.

His lips -now a curious shade of blue from the vicious cold that encases us- are pressed into a firm, unfaltering line as he stands before me. I want to ask him again in case he hadn't heard the first time, but I know he did because I can see the conflict in his eyes. His beautifully pale blue eyes are almost unrecognizable. Everything in my head probably doesn't make sense to anyone but me and on some level it's honestly even crazy to me right now. Seeing him hurt hurts me even though he only hurts because he is hurting me and it just makes this endless cycle that can never stop and makes no sense and is giving me the most awful head ache. Why can't anything ever be simple?

Before I can second guess myself, I ask him once more,"Declan, why won't you just let me go?"

His lips finally parted slightly, but he closed his mouth again. He shivered involuntarily from the snow that's begun to pile on his shoulders and head. His delayed answer was so predictable. "I just can't." 

If I was capable of crying, I would be as of now. "But you need  to," I attempt to reason. "We're falling apart at the seems and soon there will be nothing left. Please.... just let me go..."

He recoiled at my words, ducking his head down then looked up at me through his snow-spattered lashes. "I just can't. Why can't you understand?"

"Because," I begin, ".... I'm dead."

Declan's rapidly increasing breaths stopped altogether when those words left my lips. He stepped towards me and reached out to grab my hand, but there is nothing there for him to hold. He tried again and again and again. "No," he mutters breathlessly. "No you're not. God dammit, no!"

Again, I feel like I should be crying. But that's impossible. The dead can't cry. 

He still reaches out for me and although I can't really feel it, I feel colder, like I'm falling away from him faster, but deep down we both know I should already be gone. I'm still here though so I'm forced to watch a tear slowly glide down his cheek and I so badly want to hold him like he always did to me. 

"I won't let you go. I love you so much."

"You love a ghost."

"That doesn't matter!"

I threw my hands up in exasperation then let them settle back down at my sides, a somber expression residing on my face. There isn't a way around this anymore.

"You're hurting me." He finches. "You're hurting yourself too." His grimace doesn't leave his face. "As long as I'm here with you, we're holding each other back. I'm scared because I don't know where I'll go, but at least I'll know that you can move on. You can fall in love again and knowing that alone brings me peace. But you have to let me go."

Declan was full-on sobbing now. It made me suddenly rethink this. Am I really doing the right thing? I shake the thought away. Of course I am.

My chest began to hurt. How is this possible? I'm dead. I can't feel pain. But, somehow, I feel this. It's too vivid to not be real. I'm not imagining it. It's coming from my still, unbeating heart. My only explanation is it's breaking. I can feel it, pulling itself apart. 

He pulls my attention away from the practically indescribable agony when he lets out a loud scream. As he does so, the most peculiar thing happens. A tear falls down my face. 

Declan doesn't say anything more to me, but I know he has finally made up his mind. He approaches me with the smallest of smiles and stands as close to me as he can. He leans down and presses his chapped lips to mine in a whisper of a kiss. I expect to feel cold again, as I had when he tried to hold my hand, but I feel warm. Overwhelmingly warm. It is the most wonderful feeling and it actually eases my throbbing heart almost completely.

When he pulls away I get to look into his eyes one final time. I savor every last detail of the never ending oceans and then gently close mine before I finally tip over the ledge and plummet into the inescapable oblivion.

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