The Assassin Dark Void: Sango's Refuge

REALISM! Two assassins meet leading to deadly consequences... Getting caught in between the Akatsuki wanting information about Tokyo, Japan and an old rival with a score to settle, Sango can only watch as the other is swallowed up by the darkness, bound to remain in the dark. This group of three will have one action packed adventure. Action, Love, Hate, Fear. AkatsukixOC, OCxOC.


1. He's A Gentlemanly Snake

A/N: This story will have both a dark and light theme, will be more realistic, possessing elements of the real world and will get better as time goes on. I promise.

This story will contain killing, suggestive and dark themes, eventual romance and foul language. That latter is mostly because of Hidan. These themes will be maintained to a degree, some will drop, some will rise. This is a story about being able to grow, going from needing someone to being able to stand on your own two feet, going from being able to stand alone to needing support, recovery, learning to live, love and be loved.

This is not your usual 'Akatsuki meets high school students' story, and it will be long! I only own my OC's. The Akatsuki members belong to Kishimoto. The OC's are average, and have imperfections, including physical ones, just like you and me. That way, you will be able to easily step into their shoes.

Genre: Action, romance, mystery, suspense, family, general.

You have been warned, my friends!

He's A Gentlemanly Snake


Cold air swirrled around my body burning what little skin was showing. My toes and fingers were numb, but also on fire, for the blood vessels narrowed restricting blood flow as my body decided I no longer needed them. They were no longer important.

My lungs burnt with every breath of cold, unwelcoming oxygen.

Eyes the color of the depths of space searched for civilization, but there was none. Only the rocky moutainous and snowy landscape

"I knew you would come," I whipped around to face the owner of the appeaing voice. Little shivers eased their way up my spine as fear took hold of my senses. A single tear fell from my eye and down my face as their faces flashed through my mind one last time. Their faces bringing a smile to my face as I knew I was helping them as best I could.

The figure seemed to smirk in amusement as he raised his hand for the deciding blow.

I took a deep, searing breath and gasped out what I'd held in my heart for so long. The words I wanted so desperately to say, but did not when I had the chance. Because that change was gone now, I had forfeited it long ago.

"I love you."

A loud ringing sound awoke me as I fell from my bed in a tangled mess of bed sheets on the wooden floor. My clothes clung to my chubby form with sweat; I wasn't fat, but I wasn't exactly skinny either. Reaching up and slapping the alarm, it's yells faded to nothing.

Chapter 1

"Finish this Hidan. I want to get there before dark." The elder of the two growled, his voice deep and husky. Annoyed, distinctive purple irises locked with the cold, pupilless green ones of Kakuzu. Hidan didn't like to take orders, but he did like to kill so he would do as kakuzu wished, but only this once. After he made the other wait a little while more, that is.

"Shut up Kakuzu! Damn asshole!" Hidan wielded his scythe like a tornado, gripping the hilt he swung as hard as he could easily slicing through a tree in a fit of rage. His partner, Kakuzu watched as the monk retaliated with his own choice of weapon, a katana.

Metal sounded against metal as sparks flew from the collision. Kakuzu knew the grey-haired Jashinist was just toying with the man. At times he found it amusing to watch, at others he found himself growing more impatient as he wanted nothing more than to kill the man and get his bounty. Watching as Hidan threw the man around the temple, finally getting serious. He sighs in impatience, it was times like this he related to Sasori and would have liked to have Deidara as a partner, at least he could the blonde. He couldn't kill Hidan no matter how much he tried, and he did try. He tried cutting off his head, piercing his heart, ripping his limbs off. Nothing worked.

As the blood-loving immortal continued to do battle the monk jumped into the air to avoid getting slashed to bits by his forceful swing. Jumping after him, he prayed to Jashin to accept his killing.

Kakuzu and Hidan had finally made it back to the base just as moonrise had begun. Kakuzu counted the large amounts of green paper in his hands greedily. "You already counted it 100 fucking times on the way here since you laid hands on it! I swear you're the greed personified!" The Jashinist shouted. He was fed up with Kakuxu having to ruin his fun just because of money. Its not like they didn't have enough already.

"Oh shut up brat. You're just pissed off because I killed him before you did." Kakuzu retaliated with a bored tone as he continued to count his money again.

"I could have killed him for Jashin-sama if you fucking let me! You bastard! I'll burn all that fucking money and see how you fucking feel!"

Kakuzu stopped walking and glowered at the grey-haired immortal. "If you weren't playing around then maybe I wouldn't have had to kill him myself and you could have appeased your so called god."

Hidan gave a growl in protest as the candle light played on their bodies making them seem even more terrifying than they already were. "What did you just say about Jashin?" His hand reached for the hilt of his scythe on his back, ready to rip Kakuzu to shreds.

"Hmph. You heard me." Hidan swung at the stitched up zombie who fodged easily. Hidan however, only managed to get his scythe buried in the wall.

"Damn it!" He yelled as he pulled with all his might and, after a few moments, successfully released his scythe from the wall. Kakuzu knew he should have struck then, but he was carrying money and didnt want to risk it getting damaged. The immortal idiot wasn't worth the chakra.

Hidan had finally awoken from his ritual. Pain fluttered through every fiber of his being as the black and white skeleton looking marks on his skin became faint until they finally disappeared. Ripping the cold, iron bar out of his chest a hiss of pleasure and pain escaped his lips. Slowly standing up in the circle of Jashin, the same as his pendant, he looked around at the destruction in his area. Walls were nothing more than crumpled rocks, the paper bombs the kunoichi of the second tailed beast had planted before their fight had blown the tunnel to bits. He remembered everything.

The Kunoichi had given herself over to the two tailed demon cat of fire and with some help from Kakuzu, he was able to beat her and may have prayed to Jashin to forgive him for not being able to sacrifice this woman to him.

"Your ritual takes too long. It's already midday." Kakuzu growls out, already agitated that he wouldn't be able to turn in the woman for the green paper of value that he loved so much. On top of that, he hadn't eaten since the night before, and breakfast was a rarity. He had to wait all day for the younger immortal to wake up from talking with his god. Hidan whipped his head around furious and insulted that his damn partner didn't share the same faith he did, he would be a little more okay with Kakuzu if he at least respected Jashin and the ritual that he has to go through. Alas, the non-believer would never understand the importance of Jashin.

"Fuck off you damn bastard! One day you will see how important Jashin is and will be groveling at his feet, begging for mercy!"

Kakuzu rolled his eyes. "That will be the day Pein grins and gets laid." Honestly, Kakuzu did respect his leader, but when he thought about it, the carrot-top never smiled or showed any emotion. Not to mention that even though his partner was Konan, the infamous Paper Angel of the Hidden Rain, she never once showed any romantic interest in the man. At least not that he was aware. Adding to the fact that she is the only one to have initial contact with Pein constantly and the only female member of the Akatsuki.

Hidan cracked a grin and laughed. "Shit Kakuzu! You know, you're not so bad... For an old ass. If only you fucking believed in Jashin them maybe we would fucking get along."

Kakuzu took a deep breath and held it for a few moments before sighing through his covered nostrils. "Let's just get back to the base."

As they traveled what seemed like a thousand miles in a time span of three days and nights, they finally made it to the base. The ginormous boulder with the paper seal blocking their path. The other Akatsuki members, sensing the Jiinchuriki and the Zombie Brothers, removed the seals on their own locations and Pein used his Reneigan from inside the hidden lair to push the boulder outward rather than use his godly strength to shatter it. The other Akatsuki members soon defeated the clones of themselves, the trap set for whoever undoes the seals, and returned to the lair.

Extracting the two-tailed cat took longer than expected, a total of three days

- Tokyo, Japan -

I watched as the teacher called a student inside the classroom. The sliding door opened with a click. One step, two, three. My eyes glistening with anticipation and excitement as I waited eagerly for the transfer student to introduce himself. We knew we would be getting a new student from America, but we didn't know it would be within the first day of the new school year.

A boy.

"Good morning everyone, I am Evenson Alex. I am happy to meet your acquaintance, I hope to learn about your culture and establish good ties with each of you."

I pressed my lips together as I squirmed in my seat, suddenly aware that the boy in front of me was what one would call a "Southern Gentleman" though, without the southern accent. He was tall, with a lean, masculine build. He looked to be a little older than my age group... Medium length caramel hair accented the olive complexion of his skin which glowed where the sun could reach it. His face, in particular, it looked to be shiny, oily. He had oily skin. I felt bad for the guy, I knew a few others in school who had oily and combination skin. It was hard to keep up with, I've heard.

I felt bad for the guy, I knew a few others in school who had oily and combination skin. It was hard to keep up with, I've heard.

"Please take an empty seat." The teacher offered with an incredulous smile, showing off her lily-white teeth. Alex dipped his head in thanks and his eyes scanned the room for an empty seat. Raising my hand slowly his dove-gray eyes locked with my own raven-colored ones. I suddenly froze up. Taking a deep breath to steel my nerves I finally spoke. "Seat... Right here..." I could feel the heat on my face as only a handful of students laughed at me, it wasn't surprising since I couldn't talk unless I was around the few friends that bring out the best in me.

Embarrassment clouded my senses as I slowly buried my face in my arms to hide my shame and bit my bottom lip to avoid letting the tears fall. One chance to impress the class and I blew it. A semi-large hand on my shoulder stirred me from my wallowing depression. "Sango..."

The voice of my elder brother, Hayato. My ears picked up the sound of a chair sliding out from a desk to my right, no doubt Alex. This only served to embarrass me more, but at the same time it brought a strange comfort to know that someone who doesn't know me would sit by me even though I just became the laughing stock of the class.

"That's enough! I am very ashamed of those of you who bullied Kotori." The teacher, Mrs. Nekomi, demanded sternly. The voices hushed to low whispers and upon seeing her glare all talking stopped immediately. "Principal's office. Now."

Quietly the five students flocked outside and to the principal's office with the teacher behind them to make sure they went where they were supposed to.

This wasn't unusual in Japan for teachers to leave the classroom with no worries about the students misbehaving, if they made a mess, which they rarely did, they would have to clean it themselves. There were no janitors. They had to clean the school after the day was over on certain days with certain groups. There were no substitutes either, the school trusted the students to tend to their studies on days a teacher wasn't present.

"I swear those people need to grow up or I'll have to have a chat with them..." Hayato mutters under his breath, careful to make sure no one else heard. I let a small smile creep onto my face, already feeling a little better. The rest of the morning passed by smoothly, the teacher continuously giving them papers to work on until the bell rang signaling their lunch break. Kids rushed outside the room to the schoolyard, other parts of the school or stayed in the classroom to claim as their own.

Alex didn't move, not until everyone else was situated and eating their bento lunches. As he walked out of the door Hayato took my mind elsewhere.

"Why don't we go to the roof? That's where we went at our middle school." I agreed numbly as Hayato carried our lunches while guiding us to the outside world of the sky. We walked up several flights of stairs until we opened a steel door and found ourselves looking at the blue sky above with the sun shining brightly. I plopped down on the concrete supporting our weight with a grin as Hayato passed me a bento.

Hayato started to eat his rice balls, the dipping sauce spread all over the corner of his lips and even his chin. We laughed happily as I dug into my fried rice and chopped sukiyaki steak.

When I have bad days or mornings, I can always count on my best friend to be there for me and cheer me up. His name is Hayato Miyamoto.

We were completely inseparable. Even as we grew from kids into pre-teens. If I never had an older brother like Hayato, I would probably be alone. Not because people don't like me, they like me just fine. But because I am too timid to talk to anyone else.

If I had to describe him in only a small amount of words, I would say my guardian angel, my protector.

Hayato is smart and kind, but what makes him unique is that although he is crazy, he is more or less the "Fun guy" of the two of us. He is the silly one and the class clown, but not in an idiotic way. He was there for anyone who needed them, be it for food, for a good time, a laugh, or even a shoulder to cry on. I often found myself crying on his shoulder when I was in stressful situations or when I just needed a good cry, though, I would rarely have to do the same for him.

The icing on the cake was that Hayato was charming, it constantly reminded me of an England gentleman just because of how polite he his to women. His brown hair, wild and untamed, pointed every which way as his equally brown eyes shifted to me, framed by the pale features of his skin.

Then there is me.

The shy, insecure, one who often cries if I mess up. I don't know why and I never did. I hate it about myself. I hate that I tear up over the littlest things, that I am lacking in self-confidence that everyone else seems to have, that I can't walk up to a group of strangers my age or younger and talk like a normal person. Instead, I stutter and fidget. I couldn't even read a paragraph aloud without tripping over my words and getting embarrassed.

There was nothing I found special about myself, though my brother likes to compliment my long, black hair. I have to admit when my hero does compliment my hair it makes me light up inside and feel good.

My eyes moved out over the rooftop, able to see everyone in the schoolyard. The one person who caught my attention, though, was Alex.

The male uniform of a black blazer over a white dress shirt and red tie, black slacks and boots. My hands found the hem of my skirt as I rubbed the material between my fingers. The female uniform consisted of a black blazer over a white dress shirt and red bow tie and a black skirt with brown loafers.

I felt a pang of sadness in my heart to see someone be so... Alone. He didn't seem to mind the solitude, though because he just kept eating his rice ball in silence.

Maybe we could invite him to the roof with us next time, I thought.

The rest of the week was uneventful. By Friday I got used to Alex not noticing me, of course, I was too scared to talk, as usual.

He was fairly popular with the guys, specifically the kendō, martial arts, judo, and sumo clubs. I heard that Alex uses techniques reminiscent of judo, to defeat them in sumo wrestling; turning their opponent's own speed and weight against them to lever them out of the dohyo by technique and strategy alone. That isn't too uncommon at my school, as most the guys were lean, but some still go for all out physical power, using sheer, blunt force to obliterate their opponents from of the ring.

I was in the gardening club and had a green thumb, always had. For some reason, I just had a knack for keeping plants and vegetables alive. It was a hobby of mine.

By Friday I was perfectly used to Alex's presence but still wish I could muster up the courage to at least say "How are you?" Or "Good morning."

Many times I found myself comparing myself to Hinata Hyūga from Naruto, we nearly had the same personalities. Except she was more self-confident, even in Part 1 as she was able to at lease say "Hi." to Naruto.

My brother had made plans to hang out with Alex and a few other guys tonight, he usually went out as he was not one to be confined to the house, and stayed out all weekend, but not without checking in on me every few hours. I cleaned the house, got ahead on my homework, and wrote my dad bogusly cheerful e-mails about my social life at school and how I had tons of friends. I did, however, make it the bookstore in Shinjuku District but they didn't have the new issue of Naruto Shippuden so I left.

"Are you sure you are going to be alright by yourself?" Hayato asked me. Uncertainty crossed his face as his eyes studied mine thoroughly. I nodded. "You know mom won't be home until late tonight." He added. This I had expected. As the older sibling, even if only by two minutes, he felt it was his duty to look after me and protect me.

"I know. Go have fun, I'll be fine." He looked at me for a good minute before his muscular arms pulled me into a hug. His warmth overflowing my own and bringing comfort and security with it. I let a sigh slip past my lips and a ghost of a smile lit up my face, giving my fair skin a somewhat nice glow. When he finally pulled back he gave a chaste kiss on the forehead.

"I'm going now, I'll check in on you throughout the evening so be sure to have your phone on you." I only nodded in response as the door closed with a click leaving me alone in the living room.

Realizing the room was cold and empty I took a seat on the couch. "Fuck. I'm lonely..."

Feeling hungry for something sweet I searched around on Pinterest for healthy sweets. Nothing sounded good. Until...

"No bake energy bites... Ingredients are dry oats, toasted coconut flakes, peanut butter, ground flax seed, semisweet chocolate chips, honey or agave nectar, chia seeds and vanilla extract." Maybe we had these ingredients? I thought. Getting off the couch and making my way to the kitchen I was searching the pantry and found that

Getting off the couch and making my way to the kitchen I was searching the pantry and found that we, in fact, did have the ingredients. "Thank you!" Setting them on the table and grabbing a bowl from the dish rack I poured one cup of dry oats, 2/3 cup toasted coconut flakes, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup of ground flax seed, 1/2 cup of semisweet chocolate chips, 1/3 cup of honey, one tablespoon of chia seeds, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mixing it all up with my hands until it was thoroughly combined I washed my hands off at the sink and popped the mixture into the fridge to harden a bit before shaping them into bite sized balls.

Looking at the clock on the wall the time pointed to 4:45 p.m. Hayato had left only fifteen minutes earlier. I had half an hour before it hardened...

Flipping through the channels I popped another energy bite into my mouth. The sweet flavor of the honey melting perfectly with the rich taste of the chocolate, the vanilla extract showing through in a burst of flavor. The chewy oats making for the perfect product to combine all the ingredients, alongside the peanut butter, the coconut bringing a hint of fruit with every bite. They were cool but moist.

With my sweet appetite condoned I stored the rest in a bowl for a later date in the fridge.

"I'm bored... Maybe I could go walking around." Walking to the kitchen my hand swiped the keys off the jade marble counter with a mind of their own while my feet pointed me in the direction of the door in the living room. Locking the door behind me I shot my brother a text.

I'm going out to walk around. I have me key and my phone so I'll be fine, you could probably find me somewhere around a manga/anime store. I love you.

Hayato: Alright, just be aware of your surroundings. If someone kidnaps you, I'm going to make them wish they had never laid eyes on you. Then I will confine you to the house with me staying by your side the whole time. You would not leave your room unless you were handcuffed to me. I love you!

My brother and I always made it a point to tell each other "I love you" when leaving. Just in case anything happened to the other so that would be our last words, not "I hate you". Even if we were angry at one another, we never leave the house without saying I love you. My feet walked on their own accord and I was their captor, unable to go where I wanted. Turning the corner at the end of the street I found myself heading toward Meiji Avenue / Tokyo Route 305. It took fourteen minutes until I arrived, the traffic was bustling.

I made my way into Takashimaya Store. It consists of 15 floors, including a food department in the basement and three restaurant floors. It is the main store of the "Takashimaya Times Square" complex that also houses a Tokyu Hands branch and Kinokuniya bookstore with a large foreign language section. My favorite is the Kinokuniya bookstore.

Finally, I reached my destination. Browsing the great variety of the books they sold in English, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and

Browsing the great variety of the books they sold in English, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and more. I settled on an English dictionary and an American History textbook to better help me connect with Alex Evenson. The best way to connect with a foreigner is to understand their language and culture.

"English and American History, what, if I may ask, has gotten you so interested in these subjects?" I jumped at the sound of a voice over my shoulder and whipped around to see our American student. My jaw dropped. His hair was combed back with little bits of his bangs falling down, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a slim, black v-neck. A black leather jacket fitted over his shirt unzipped. He looked better in regular clothes compared to the boring school uniforms.


I bit my bottom lip as I tried to think up an excuse. I thought he was supposed to be with my brother, if he was, then where was he? "I like learning new things, different cultures..." I swallowed deeply. A smirk played on his lips.

"Well, Ms. Miyamoto, what are you doing alone?" I gasped, he knew my last name? How did he know I was alone? As if reading my thoughts he answered the questions running through my mind. "Your name was called out in class, that's how I know your name... Your brother has told me a lot about you. He said you don't have any friends, beside him, is that true?" He approached the subject tentatively, giving me every opportunity to get out if I wanted to. I finally gave a small nod, suddenly aware of how stupid I felt. I should have socialized more, but it wasn't my thing. Alex seemed to read my change in emotions.

"I'm sorry, forget I asked." He sounded remorseful and held his hand out to my books, an offer to carry them. Slowly I accepted his silent offer and he followed me to the desk up front. The man at the desk was young, his early twenties. A smile lit up his face to see me again as I frequently came to visit and even chat with him.

"Hello Sango," His eyes swapped to Alex and then to me, a sly smile of a fox accompanying the newfound gleam in his eyes. "Hello sir, and you are?"

"Evenson Alex, Sir."

The man gave a nod of acceptance and scanned the books, the screen beeping every time. "You caught yourself a good one, both of you." My eyes widened in shock of what I had just heard, there was no way we were dating. It just wouldn't work. I managed to sneak a peak at Alex. He looked calm, never losing his composure and only shook his head.

"No? That's too bad..." The clergy-man commented quite surprised at Alex's answer. Feeling heat crawl up my face I turned slightly so that Alex couldn't see as I accepted my books only for Alex to take them from me gently like I was a delicate piece of china that would break with the smallest amount of weight. Deciding to get my mind, and hopefully his, off the subject of dating I spouted questions that were jumping at the back of my mind.

"I thought you would be with my brother? Where is he?" We walked a few more paces before he answered never once allowing his eyes to wander away from what was in front of him; air. "I was. I thought about doing some sightseeing instead of staying in a house full of guys. He is at Minato Takahashi's house." I nodded and as we walked I began to feel more comfortable. He asked me several questions about Japan and asked for tips on not getting lost.

"You can take pictures with your phone of the street signs before you walk onto another street." I answered boldly. "What time is it?"

He looked at his watch, set on the bottom of his left wrist. "It's nearly mid-night, when the moon is at its highest." I gasped. My mother was going to kill me and my brother if we weren't home before she got back from work. "I have to go home! Bye!" I called as I took off at breakneck speed hoping to get home in time. Alex held out a hand to stop me but it was far too late. "Wait! You forgot your books!" Looking at the plastic bag of books in his hand he sighed knowing he would have to chase after her.

I ran, ran down the floors of the stairway. Jumping two or more at a time praying I wouldn't miscalculate and break my neck. Not paying attention to the rapid footsteps behind me as I kept going not giving a thought to voices that I heard. I had to get home. Now.

Running out of the building I nearly knocked over a man. quickly bowing and tossing off a short "I'm sorry" I again gave chase to beat my mother home. Hayato... Did he know what time it was? Whipping out my phone in the darkness I unlocked it the light nearly obscuring my vision as my eyes tried to adjust to the brightness. Switching my night shift on my eyes thanked me for taking care of them. Tapping Hayato's name on the call app I heard ringing. Once. Twice.

My ears picked up Hayato's voice on the other end, panicked and worried. "Sango! Where are you? Mom's going to be home in ten minutes!" I gasped, fear coursing through my veins, lungs that burned with the need for oxygen as I picked up my pace not watching where I was going. "I'm leaving the Takashimaya Department Store now!" Running through the streets I took a left turn, crossing onto 〒162-0042 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Wasedamachi, 66−2. I saw my brother pacing around the front yard anxiously.

"Hayato!" His head whipped around to see me and relief crossed his face which swiftly turned into joy as he captured me in a hug, lifting me off the ground easily as he did so. "Sango! I'm so glad you're alright..." Hayato, still holding me in his arms saw a figure running towards them, thanks to the street lights. Setting me down he stood in front of me protectively and got into a fighting stance.

As the figure came closer he slowly recognized it as Alex. He dropped his fighting stance upon seeing the plastic bag containing goods and smiled briefly. Alex huffed and struggled to catch his breath, bending over to help rest his tired legs. "Here..." He slowly lifted the sack to me, the exhaustion in his muscles clear as the day is short in winter. I took the bag from this large hand and bit my lip. I was ashamed that I had made him chase me the entire way home just to give me a bag that I forgot to grab. I was such a failure at life...

"Oh, thank you..." Taking a deep breath to hold the tears in I let out a heartfelt apology. "I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry!" I felt humiliated. Even more so than the first morning when he arrived at school. A hot tear slipped down my cheek unnoticed by the guys. Alex rolled his eyes. "I needed the run anyway." Looking at the house he seemed to study every nook and cranny on the outside, memorizing every edge. His eyes moved to the address and I could have sworn I saw a gleam in his eyes, though it could easily be mistaken for the light from the street lamp above, illuminating our surroundings. "So this is where you live..." He mumbled to himself.

Hayato raised an eyebrow. "What was that?" Alex's attention instantly snapped to my elder brother. "Nothing, goodbye, Mr. Miyamoto, Ms. Miyamoto." My brother and I looked at the other about to say that he should probably stay the night instead of walking home this late at night, but when we looked he was already gone. As if he was never there. The only memory of him was the books contained in the paper sack I held to my chest.

"That's... Wierd." Hayato comments gaining a grin from my direction as I pushed him playfully. He was the only one I could feel confident around. If there were others then that confidence would fade to a mere shadow. I knew he was tired from the way his eyes dimmed, I felt like taking a good rest myself. "Let's get inside."

That night I felt wide awake even though my body wished to rest. My thoughts kept drifting to Alex. I knew that my brother would ask me about why Hayato had chased me home and presented me with a bag containing books. He would probably assume that something was going on between us like the clergy-man did. Not that I blame him, it was strange. The new student leaving the party, just happening to be at the same place your sister was, following her home and carrying her items. On top of that, he wasn't angry or upset when I had apologized, even though he probably ran for about fourteen minutes straight. In the chill of the April air in darkness. Come to think of it how did he find me? I thought no one was behind me when I ran out of the building... So many questions, so little answers.

I had a lot of fun writing it and found out that listening to Japanese Instrumental Music helps me write better. It can give off a peaceful theme if that is what I am trying to write, or an energetic dancing theme. It also has a variety of themes such as sappy, sad themes. It is beautiful to listen to! Reading this chapter really brings a lot of questions to your mind huh? I know it does mine! It really makes me feel what Sango feels. For me, it's like a movie playing in my head. I think it is really fun to write!

Anyway, I wanted to personally give a shout out to Dollxparts for the support!

There will be more of the Akatsuki next chapter, I just wanted you to get well acquainted with the Original Characters before I brought the big boys in. I promise you will not be disappointed!

If you want to check out what the house looks like that the Miyamoto's live in, it's on my Profile Page under "Stories" "The Assassin Dark Void". I will be posting information about the characters in the Author Notes next chapter at the end to give you more information about them. I thank you all for staying with me this far! Next chapter should be up sometime between the 9th and the 11 of this month!

Until next time! Toodles!

Constructive Criticism is graciously accepted.

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