1. His Eyes

The sweet autumn breeze of New York City tickled our noses. Under the shade of an oak tree we watched the busy life of Central Park. The joggers ran by, mothers with their strollers, business men on their lunch breaks, and the occasional homeless person begging for change.

The warmth of your body radiated off of me. I looked up at you, analysing your face.

"What is it Charlie," you questioned.

"Nothing baby. Have you ever realised you are kind of beautiful," I smiled.

"I know I am," you smirked.

"Payton, how self centred," I scolded and playful slapped you.

Your eyes dark brown eyes were glowing light hazel with gold specks. A smile stretched across your face. I picked at blades of grass. You put your arms around me, I leaned over and kissed you. Your dark skin blushed crimson pink. You leaned over and kissed me harder.

A group of joggers sped past us.

"How long do you think they run," you asked.

"Probably miles."

"You think I could do that?"

"Hahahahah I love your humour Payton," I laughed.

"Oh come on I could if I put my mind to it," you exclaimed.

"Okay race me to that tree over there. One two three go," I shouted. I jumped up and sprinted to the tree a few yards down from where we were sitting. You followed me with the same jolt of energy. I bolted to the tree in seconds, I played soccer, basketball, and was on my school's track team that went to states. Payton spent most of his time playing video games and wasn't athletic at all.

"Cheat," you huffed," You got a head start not fair."

"Oh can you not take defeat from a girl," I chuckled.

"I could beat you if I really tried," you squealed.

"Okay to the fountain over-

"Oh no it's fine Charlie I think we are good," you panicked.

"No come on let's race-

You tackled me to the ground.

"Eat dirt," you screamed.

"You are such a boy Ashlen," I yelled.

"That's why you are on the ground Parker," you exclaimed.

An old couple strolled by us murmuring as they watched us.

"Isn't young love beautiful Burt, remember when we use to be like that," the elderly lady smiled as she held the old mans hand.

I hurled your body off of me and stood up. You were laughing. You bent down to tie your shoe. I ran and jumped on your back.

"Take me to get frozen yogurt my steed," I commanded.

"Gosh demanding much," you nagged and winked. As you gained your balanced.

We walked to the cross walk. I hopped off your back. You pressed the button to cross the street.

"Hey I wanted to press the button," I whined and smiled.

You shook your head and smirked. We walked are normal path to our usual hang out spot.

"Stop. I have a surprise come this way," you ordered.

"What is it?"

"You will find out when we get there."

"Okay," I nervously beamed.

"This way," you whispered.

The busy five o'clock traffic whizzed by us and we strolled down Burke St. Your hand melted into mine it was almost as if we were one. At this moment you could of taken me anywhere I would have followed. As we ducked down a narrow alley we came to brick walls spray painted with varies tag signs and pop art.

I wondered down a small path and there was one painting that caught my eye. I stood there in awe, it was of a girl sitting on a pier. Underneath it was four words scribe in big black cursive calligraphy "never forget always love." The little girl sitting on the pier had long blonde hair and was wearing a baby pink dress. The darkness of the water and the pier set a sad presence but she was illuminating with a bright smile on her face.

"Do you like it," you whispered as you hugged me from behind.

I turned around and kissed you.

"Did you do this?"

"Yeah well me and a friend but it was my idea and I did the girl. Is it okay?"

"It's better than okay! It's amazing. I love you so much Payton," I exclaimed.

You kissed me this time and we stood there in each others arms as time was standing still.

Buzz! Buzz!

It was my phone. My mum was ringing me to remind me to pick up my little brother.

"Shit! I have to go Payton."

"Really right now. Because if you stay we can go up to that apartment," you pleaded.

"No babe I'm sorry. Wait did you just suggest we break into someone's house," I questioned.

"No that was the surprise my uncle gave me his old apartment as an earlier eighteenth birthday present and I was think after high school. What are you doing this summer?"

You were looking at me like a was your whole world.

"Yes! Of course Payton I will spend all of summer with you," I exclaimed.

"But I have to go now, talk later," you kissed me.

"See you later alligator."

"After awhile crocodile."

I ran off to the train to take me to Brooklyn, I was suppose to pick up my brother from his special arts school while I went to a private sports academy. I was suppose to be there at 4.30 after he was done with music practice it was 4.15 and the train took ten minutes and it took me ten minutes to walk to his school from the train.

I was going to be late but at least I was happy. The train went fast then I thought. Thoughts of the painting and Payton flooded my head. I sprinted to the doorsteps of Marcus's school. I glanced at my phone it was 4.32. I made it basically on time thank god. I waited five minutes, all awkward middle schoolers flooded out of the auditorium. I searched the sea of children for Marcus. He was not there. The crowd dispersed and I still didn't see him. I was suppose to meet him by the auditorium doors.

"Yo fat ass cunt let's go home," Marcus shouted at me.

"Marcus where were you?"

"None of your damn business," he spat in my face.

There was beer on his breathe. I knew this school wasn't good for him the people here were too... alternative.

"Come on let's go get ice cream and then we can go home. Okay," I asked.

"No bitch we are going home."

I was trying to keep my calm. I had a tainted past mum finding out about this, she would stress out. She didn't need more to worry about right now. But what Marcus was doing couldn't of been bad as what I've done.

Buzz! Buzz!

I know all of your secrets. Do what I was or Payton knows the truth xoxo your past.

I could feel my heart leap out of my chest. Payton didn't know who I use to be or the people I use to hang out with. Did I have anyone against me. Why would they want to exploit me...

Unless it was Carmen!

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