Tough Love

Confusion Love Cussing Vampires
Girl x Girl Mild Yuri

Andrea has had a crush on her high school bully since, well high school. To make matters worse they were going to share a dorm room together. Serina is being sweeter than normal, but Andrea can't tell if she's into her it just trying to make up for all the hell she caused in high school.


3. Fun Fun Fun!

Just as I finished unpacking she walks in the door and sets her bags down. She comes over to my side of the room and startles me with a warm hug, "I've really missed you Andrea!"

To say the least I was shocked. I managed to choke out a small thank you and you too. She had smelt, felt, looked, and sounded amazing. I was in for a long year.

When she was finished unpacking she sighed and collapsed on her bed giggling. Which of course made me giggle. "What are you giggling about?" I said between laughs. In a twinkling voice she said, " I was thinking about spending the rest of the year with you. Maybe we have some of the same classes? I hope so, nobody else from Willows is here." "Thank god!" I muttered under my breath. Serina's friends from high school were prissy and rich. Very cliche. I couldn't help grinning though a warm blush creeping up on my neck .

Serina was showing interest in me which made my heart start racing. Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad, I mused. I secretly hoped she had changed from her constant ways of calling me names and making me feel like absolute shit. Although she always stood up for me and made it quiet obvious that nobody but her could treat me like that.

And I some how still love her after all these years. I knew I didn't stand a chance though because she was straiter than a stick. I might have even stood a chance if she were even remotely bi. If she was just interested in looks I was passable. I was pale as fuck with long red hair and clear skin, not a pimple or freckle in sight which confuses me because I'm an outdoorsy kinda gal. Every time she looks at me my heart gave a little leap but my brain told me she didn't like me. And I also start to blush, which is also great.

Which was conflicting of course but I got used to it. In fact I was quiet happy that we were sharing a room. The only problem was that I didn't think I could last that long without making a stupid mistake...... Like trying to kiss her or looking at her longer than I should.....Or worse..... Trying to drink from her.

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