Tough Love

Confusion Love Cussing Vampires
Girl x Girl Mild Yuri

Andrea has had a crush on her high school bully since, well high school. To make matters worse they were going to share a dorm room together. Serina is being sweeter than normal, but Andrea can't tell if she's into her it just trying to make up for all the hell she caused in high school.


2. College

I was getting sick and tired of putting up with Serina's shit. Even though I've had a crush in her since high school it doesn't mean I can't still get fed up with her double act. One day she would be sweet and quiet, the next trying to break me down. Somehow she hasn't figured out that I like her which is surprising because I'm obvious. And to make matters worse, this year we share a dorm room. Great just fucking great!

I was getting settled in, waiting for Serina to walk in the door and seal my fate for the rest of the year. We were both studying cosmetology in school. The room was pretty extravagant seeing as it was a top beauty school and was being funded by a freaking billionaire.

The walls were a dark shade of green and a chandelier hung from the ceiling casting a warm glow across the room.

There were two queen sized beds equipped with black satin sheets and mountains of pillows.

Each side of the room was basically the same: a mini fridge stocked with your personal favorite snacks and drinks, a tall black glass shelf, a walk in closet, and a desk with a large mirror on top of it seeing as we were at a beauty school. Two TV's and one large luxurious bathroom. To share. I can't wait.

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