A Reunion- Jeff and Annie

It's been 2 years since the study group went their own ways. Jeff continued with his Law, Annie went to DC to work at the FBI, Britta started her own practice and well Abed become a director. 2 years later, at Greendale Community Troy orgainses a reunion. He has some news to share and wants his friends there. What will when Annie and Jeff will come face to face again after this time. Especially the way it all finished. Will old sparks fly or will new romance bloom?


1. Background Information

I started watching community recently and from the first season I was a huge fan of Annie and Jeff (later I found out that they were love interest for each other). While I'm still watching the show currently, I do know how the show ended. This is a story about what happens after the show ended. 

So here is a a little background for those who don't know the story. 

In a community collage at Greendale, 7 very different individuals came together to make a study group. Jeff Winger starts this study group to get close to Britta Perry. In the process Annie Edison, Troy Barnes, Pierce Hawthrone, Abed Nadir and Shirley Bennett joined in. From then they became a close knit family. 

Once Jeff an arrogant and self obsess and not caring for others becomes the leader of this group and comes to respect and love each member. Some more than others. Annie and Jeff develop feelings for each other. Even though Jeff tries to ignore the fact that he cares for her and constantly reminds her about the age difference, they can't help but fall in love.  In the  end of their time at the college, they go their own seperate ways. 

I so far have loved watching this pair grow on the show and love the chemistry on the show. I hope that I'm able to conitue this chemistry in a short fanfiction.

This story will pick up from 2 years after where they left off. I do hope that it is as enjoyable as other works and my readers like it. 


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