Make a Shadow

Rebekah Harding feels like she is invisible and worthless to the world. She is 16 and her parents ignore her, her brother absolutely hates her, and her older sister, Tanisha, whom she had been really close to, died in a car accident on the way to prom. One day, something terribly tragic happens that leads her to even more misery. When she tries to escape, she finds a world of good where she can finally be happy, but most of all herself. She tries to find a way to stay there, but a man interferes. Rebekah has her own little world. A world full of demons and angels. A world of Heaven and Hell... but will she succeed?


3. Step After Step

        He then walked toward me. I fell to the ground, hid my head under my arms, and breathed in and out, scared of what was to happen to me. He took his steps rather slowly with an echo. Left. Right. Left. Right. Every five seconds a step was heard. Left. Right. Left. Right. He drew closer and closer. His steps grew louder and louder. Left. Right. Left. Right. Then no more was heard. It went dead silent. Not even the cars outside of the alley were heard. I peaked through my arms, expecting the worst to come. I saw his black shoes still. He just stood there. I lifted my head up, knowing not of what was to come.
        He nodded his head and started chuckling. Then he grabbed my elbows and dragged me all the way to the trunk of his car. He opened his trunk, picked me up, and threw me in, careless of my pain. I stared at him while he attempted to close his trunk. Click! The trunk finally closed.
         It was rather dark, and I had a hard time breathing because of a smell that bothered me. In. Out. In. Out. I took deep breaths. Not that it really mattered. This mysterious man was probably going to kill me anyways. And to be honest, I would rather die of suffocation, than whatever he was going to do to me. Whether it was a knife to the throat, a bullet to the head, or even a stab to the heart. But I decided to wait and see what was to happen because if my fate was to live- I wanted to live.
         All of the sudden, the car started moving, playing my favorite song- Make a Shadow by Meg Myers. "I want to be a kid again. Little. Don't tell me this is home...When city floods, we'll build a castle." 
          I put my hands on the sides of the trunk to support myself. Thump! My head swayed and hit the bottom of the trunk. I pounded the trunk over and over again, punching the hard and black metal. I started getting myself formed into a ball. I could hardly see anything, just the white on my dress shirt and something else on the other side of the trunk, which I could hardly make out. I had no idea what it was. It was small and a grayish color. I kept my eye on the object. I knew for certain, I did not want to die because of a knife stabbing me, or a gun accidentally shooting me, so i kept my distance from whatever it was.
          The car kept moving. It had been at least thirty minutes since I had been thrown in the car. And it had only gotten worse when it suddenly stopped...  

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