Make a Shadow

Rebekah Harding feels like she is invisible and worthless to the world. She is 16 and her parents ignore her, her brother absolutely hates her, and her older sister, Tanisha, whom she had been really close to, died in a car accident on the way to prom. One day, something terribly tragic happens that leads her to even more misery. When she tries to escape, she finds a world of good where she can finally be happy, but most of all herself. She tries to find a way to stay there, but a man interferes. Rebekah has her own little world. A world full of demons and angels. A world of Heaven and Hell... but will she succeed?


2. Secrets and Promises

        There I was, laying on the grass , crying, looking up to the sky and the weird shaped clouds. I sighed, hoping for someone to see me and ask what was wrong. I chuckled. As if someone cared. I mean, no one really does. No one has showed that they were even interested in helping me.

        What if someone out there actually cared? If you let the darkness consume you, who will save you? Sometimes it's not the hope that helps. It could be something else or someone else. Just one person can be a great deal in life. In fact, they could be your hope. They can save you.
         I was crying to the point my heart felt like it was going to explode. And I had this massive headache that was about to get even worse from crying so much. I wiped my tears away, lifted myself up to my feet, and walked on the wet grass. Left. Right. Left. Right. I looked straight down at my feet. I grabbed my phone from my left back pocket and started putting in the password. 1-8-4-7. I took a look at my notifications to check if anyone texted me, since I left home to come to the park. Then I saw this long paragraph in bold filling up my whole phone screen:  

Rebekah Harding, this is a warning:

        You are not welcome here at MayLix High. I never want to see your face again. You will no longer look down on me. In fact, I shall make it so that you won't even look up on me... I will make it so that you will never treat anyone as terrible as you treated me. Say goodbye to your family and your fellow classmates because this is the last day you will ever see them...


       My eyes then narrowed, my heart racing, and my head pounding. In terror, I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I then saw a man in a black BMW staring at me. I didn't recognize him. He had greenish blue eyes, a scar across his face, brown hair, and a hat that said USS Midway CV-41. I stared back at him for a few seconds, before I got a feeling. A feeling of dread and dire. A feeling that gave me the hint to run, so I picked my feet up and ran as fast as I could. 
        I looked at him again, running. He started up his car and started chasing me down the street. How ironic. No one even saw this man chasing me. I was going to try to scream, but it was too late. i couldn't. My voice had been broken because i was so scared.
        I ran down the alley. Then and there, I realized it was a dead end. I stopped at the end of the alley and finally got the chance to scream. "Help!" The BMW was right in front of me, lights on, shining in my eyes. I backed up into the bricked wall, with my hands in front of my eyes to block out the lights of the car. "Please, I beg of you!" Suddenly the man got out of the car...  

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