Make a Shadow

Rebekah Harding feels like she is invisible and worthless to the world. She is 16 and her parents ignore her, her brother absolutely hates her, and her older sister, Tanisha, whom she had been really close to, died in a car accident on the way to prom. One day, something terribly tragic happens that leads her to even more misery. When she tries to escape, she finds a world of good where she can finally be happy, but most of all herself. She tries to find a way to stay there, but a man interferes. Rebekah has her own little world. A world full of demons and angels. A world of Heaven and Hell... but will she succeed?


1. Lies and Shattered Hopes

 Where there is light there is darkness. And just because the light always wins doesn't mean the darkness can't consume it. Darkness has come upon my eyes. I've been through it. It's dark and dreadful. Darkness is of evil, light of good. Darkness, pitch black and darker than the night. Light, white and bright as the sun. However, one can easily change to another. Darkness is easily consumed by. Pulled into a hole of dark, losing it all. Losing all that meant something to you. Losing your world. Losing your everything. Being consumed by all your emptiness and lies. Always being blinded by the sacred of night.
        The pain endless and the days ever so long. Blindly searching your way through the darkness, struggling to survive, crying and hoping for the light to show itself. For it does not show until you are proven to be worthy. Be careful. The darkness eats away at your hope. It takes all of your precious dreams and replaces them with fears. That's when you start to lose all hope. When all of your sanity starts to fade. When you differ hope from fear.
        Then you start to question yourself: Is it necessarily better to be in the light? Is it the dark where I belong, or perhaps the light? Is it incorrect to wish you were someone else? Is it wrong to be a shadow of your former self- Before someone, now nothing? Is fear the only thing that roams your mind? What's the point in living?
         Words are weapons. Words are healers. Depending on how you use your words, you can earn someone's trust or even make them love you. Also, depending on how you use your words, you can lose someone's trust or even make them hate you. Whether it is a lie or not, faith can be restored as well as ruined. Words are sticks and stones. Words are angels. Words are the reason we have so many lies and cheaters. Words are the reason people have hope. Words are the reason we cry; the reason we smile.
          Angels need not to frolic in the fields of darkness, fallen or not fallen. Where angels fall, darkness reigns, and where time dissolves, we all must remain strong. Lies are brought upon us everyday. Fake humans lying in our lives, thinking they can taunt us til we fall. Not all of them are bad. Not all of them are good. With love, hope, and faith, nothing in this world could destroy a soul. All deserve happiness for even the bad deeds they may have committed. Everyone has darkness in them; it's just how much they let out.
          Blood is pain; red paint dripping from our skin. The world, full of anger; a thorn from a rose. Deadly. Painful, but beautiful. For it is beautiful in its own way. No, we don't prick our fingers, but we spill blood from the pain we meet everyday upon the cold world. Tears, like drops of rain falling from the grey sky. They come from our eyes, showing we are hurt from the pain they put us through. Depression, like a storm. At the end of that storm, is a rainbow. And at the end of that rainbow, a pot of gold lies beyond all eyes. A pot of wealth. A pot of what seems to be worth a lot when it truly means nothing to us. Because beyond its worth, are all lies. Nothing. No one. But pure evil remains.
         Take a step into the darkness. Say goodbye to the light. We live in eternity where everyday is night, somewhere in the sands of time, where we are alone with only our thoughts. Being reborn, that of nothing. We die of sorrow and mourn. Nothing can compel us, for nothing is worth dying for. No, love is not, but a four letter word, but a word that keeps us who we all are; unique and individual unlike any other to each other.
          When all hope is lost, we think life becomes a disgrace and death our duty. After a while, we start give up. We fall to our knees. We cry. We bleed. And we break. Why don't we just give up? Lose all possible hope? Because someone saves us? Because someone pulls us off he ground? Because someone wipes our tears away and tells us everything's going to be okay? Because it's never over? Or because somewhere there is still hope, no matter what happens..?

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