Aurora Ville is the future queen of the Griffon Kingdom. Not only will she have incredible power she has the most powerful magic. She is to be married to her enemy kingdoms second eldest child. Someone she has despised. She has to fight for her country, her life, and her future. She's fourteen and heir to the worlds most powerful country, and has no idea what the hell to do.


1. One day

I watched my mother scared. I was sitting in the throne next to her, and she was looking at me like I had done something wrong. I hadn't done anything, but if I did she will find out. The advisors were telling us about the agenda that'll be happening today. I lit up when I heard the word ball mentioned, and with masquerade. It was something to welcome someone. I studied my parents muting out the noise. They were very intrigued by what was going on, but I thought it was boring. Yes I would love a masquerade ball, but then again who wouldn't. 

"Aurora," I heard my mother say, "Aurora! We are discussing the matters of your ball with your fiancé so listen up. You will be meeting him officially tonight and you can't get out of it."

"Wait! Tonight! I don't want to. Why do I even need a husband. We are more powerful then them. It's the most unnecessary alliance ever, and I don't have the choice in who I marry and spend the rest of my life with! I refuse."

"If you refuse you lose your crown. It's that simple Aurora. You must learn that when you come of age to be queen you no longer have freedom. You become property of the people, and they care deeply," my father and the advisors were sharing uneasy glances. They all know about my mother and I's fights.

"Fine! When will this stupid masquerade start."

My father stepped in before my mother had the chance, "Today you will choose between masks and dresses. The only rules are that they have to be appropriate and not unattractive."

"Okay..." I excuse myself from the throne room to head to my room. It's a long process. I first go to an elevator that would take me to the 3rd floor then I have to walk down two hallways. Just to go to my room. When I finally do arrive to my room. A schedule is waiting for me on my desk. Beside it are my fiancé's details. He is second in line for the throne. Of the light kingdom. Not going to lie. He is kind of cute. The other details just explain where he went to school, and other details such as that. I could care less, but I would have to pretend to care. I will have to try to make an effort, so this alliance will happen, and that I have a chance of being happy. I will have to fake it until I make it.


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