I don't understand why this has to be so complicated.


3. The Start

Jessica Simmons was like a walking Bratz doll. You know "The only girl(s) with a passion for fashion", yeah that type of Bratz doll. Some people at her school wanted to be like her, others were just jealous, then the rest just really didn't like her for some unknown reasons. But that didn't stop her from living her senior year to the fullest. Jessica wasn't popular but she was well known. Not for sleeping with the basket ball team or the football team. No it was her dad, George Simmons the local news anchor for Harmony, NJ. Plus her brother was also the star quarterback of their school. Anyway, Jess was always a daddy's girl growing up, she never liked leaving his side for a stupid education that taught somewhat useless stuff. Jess or her brother Ben didn't really have a motherly figure in her life, since their mom ran out on them when Jess and Ben were both 6. Since then Jessica could really careless about her. But it was her junior year and all Jess wanted to start off on a clean sheet, even though she 'rarely' got into any trouble. 

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