I don't understand why this has to be so complicated.


6. 02

Jessica Simmons 

When Mr. Johnson was done taking attendance, I scanned around the room just to get a look of who was in it. And thank the lord it was mixer of juniors and seniors and Kelly. I mean, I wasn't trying to spend the first half of my semester with a bunch annoying freshmen. 

But it seems like God has blessed me this year or semester. . . 

I turned around to face Kelly to start some type of conversation with her, to break this boredom state. 

"So how was your summer. You know minus the days you spent with me." I asked her.

"Well remember when Zack and I took that trip to Virginia in like July? I have no idea why I didn't tell you this sooner but his brother, Kian, is getting transferred to Western. Today."

"Why didn't you tell me this, you really sure he's coming here? And why didn't he say he hated this school?" I questioned her. 

Kian Jones. Out of all people he was the one getting transferred to my school. 

"Yes I'm sure I was there when Kian was talking about his infamous return. Why is this such a big deal? I thought you and Kian where cool?"

I sighed. Kian and I kinda had history. I mean it was bad, it was like that awkward type of history. And no we didn't date nor were we fuck buddies, we just simple had a heated makeout session in the back of my brother's car. After coming from our friends Tommy's party. We were both with wasted, he said somethings and I said somethings. Next thing you know one thing lead to another we were both locking lips in the back of my brother's SUV. 

"I mean we were. Or at least I think we are I don't know. I haven't talked to the guy in like a year." I shrugged. 

"Why are you acting weird? Is this about the time when Kian was hitting on you at Tommy's party. Because he hits on everyone so it's chill."

"It's not that it's what happened after the party, when Ben picked us up. Kian and I were both wasted and so nether Kian were able to drive back. Kian called Ben and James to come get us, but guess the two idiots didn't eat before they came to get us. So we stopped at Burger King, Ben and James went in leaving Kian and I in the car. Kian got to talking about the most stupidest things and next thing you know his lip were locking with mine. But Ben and James came back before things got to heated." I said looking up at her. 

"What hell why didn't you tell me this? Where was I?"

"I don't know somewhere still at the party probably sucking lips with Zack. But look it was accident I regret it and I'm pretty sure he does too. I mean the day after this happened next thing you know he transferred over to Porkbelly." I shrugged then pulling out the Poptart out of my bag from earlier. 

"I mean Zack told me the reason why he transferred was because this school was bumming him out and know I guess Kian wants to come back. But now that you mention it he did ask about you a lot." She said taking half of my Poptart and eating it. 

"Again why didn't you tell me?"

"The same reason why you didn't tell me about this whole Kian thing." Kelly said while putting a piece Poptart in her mouth. 

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and began eating and texting away on my phone. 

"Okay class, welcome to my economics class. I hope you guys enjoyed your summer vacation while it lasted. Now the basics behind this class is get you guys to understand the stock market, how to do taxes, how to understand taxes and all that other stuff." Mr. Johnson said then began walking over to the front of his desk. 

Before he could get another word out of his mouth the classroom door opened, which caused the everyone to look up. 

"Well isn't nice to have you back Mr. Jones. Uhhh you can take a seat front of Ms. Simmons. Welcome back." Hearing my last name I picked my head up from my phone only to met with familiar dark brown eyes. 

Oh shit

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