I don't understand why this has to be so complicated.


5. 01

Jessica Simmons

When I got to school hoping that Kelly saved me seat next her in Mr. Johnson's class. I heard that he really doesn't give out assigned seat but his classes are always are always crowed. It's kinda like first come first serve thing. But I had to take this class unless I wanted to successfully graduate, it was the only class holding me back from having a chill semester. 

It was economics. I know I was supposed to take the class back when I was sophomore but I was to caught up in boy drama, petty drama, bitch drama. Basically just drama in general. Plus I really didn't give my all, sophomore year. So I ended up failing that class and a few of my other classes. But in all honesty it wasn't a hard class. I was just caught up in the act of being petty and lazy to realize how important this class was. 

So here I am an 18 year old senior taking a class with a bunch of freshmen and sophomores. And maybe a few juniors. . .

As I walked into the school, I opened the doors with my head high ignoring the glares from many people who just have staring problems. As I reached my class I saw Kelly sitting in the back just texting away on her phone. No surprise there. 

"You owe me big time for taking this class with you. I could have been with Zack in Mrs. Joy's class but no. I had to switch it out for a stupid economics class." Kelly said never removing her eyes from her phone. But I rolled my eyes and took the seat right next to her that was by an outlet. God bless me. 

"You know I was not trying to spend my mornings with a bunch of 13 and 14 year old's. But don't you have lunch with him anyway."

"Yeah but we built our whole schedule together. I want to spend as much time with him before he goes off to UCLA." She said placing her phone down then looking over at me. Again I rolled my eyes,  I love her to death but boy did she knew how dramatize everything.

"He's not leaving till August 29th you have the whole school year with him then most of the summer and everything well be fine." I said looking over at her then over at the bored where Mr. Jackson was writing the do now. Throwback to middle school days. 

"Whatever I still wanted to spend my morning with him not you." 

"You love me." I smiled which caused her to roll her eyes at me and went back to typing on her on phone. 

"Welcome back guess hope you enjoyed your summer break. I know I did." 

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