I don't understand why this has to be so complicated.


4. 00

Jessica Simmons

"Jessica, come on were gonna be late again!" I heard my brother yell from down stairs. 

"Okay, okay I'm coming." I yelled back gathering the rest of my books and shoving them in my bag. I huffed in annoyance, at the fact he woke me up five minutes past my regular time. Then he it would be nice to take a nice long ten minutes shower, just to make me even more pissed. 

Once I had all my stuff I practically ran down the stairs, carefully trying not to trip and make a fool of myself. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw Ben typing away on his phones while shoving a waffle into his mouth. 

"Pig." I muttered under my breath then walked over to the cabinet where I hid my blueberry Poptarts. I put in my bag so I could eat it later during class. 

"What got your panties in bunch?" Ben chuckled already knowing the reason why I mad at him. 

"I don't know maybe the fact that you woke me up five minutes late and the fact that you used up all the hot water." Ben was about to reply but he was cut off by our dad racing down the stairs fixing his tie. 

"What are you guys still doing here? Aren't you going to be late." He asked walking over to the fresh pot of coffee that was just calling his name. 

"Yeah we wouldn't be if Sleeping Suesie over here didn't sleep past her alarm." Ben smirked looking over at me then back to his phone, which caused me to punch him in the arm. 

"Whatever if you need I'll be at school. Bye dad have a nice day at work." I rolled my eyes then walk over to my dad giving him a peck on the cheek. Then grabbed my keys and made my way out to my car. 

Boy was this going to be a long day. . .

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