My Saving Grace

Despite losing her mother when she was ten, Sophia Grace Weston has the life most kids dream of. Growing up, she had a loving father and was always surrounded by the most privileged people, but when she enters college, a brief encounter with Chase Lincoln reveals that life isn't easy for everyone like her. In fact, life can go spiraling downwards in just the blink of an eye. And when that happens, sometimes all you can do is pray for a saving grace.


13. Chapter 13


Opening the door, I walked into my apartment building and saw Antonio sitting by the fireplace, reading a magazine. For the first time since we'd met, he wasn't wearing his typical professional attire. 


Instead, he had dark blue jeans on with a plain gray v-neck tshirt, looking incredibly sexy, and for a moment, I just stood there admiring him from afar. Dark stubble had grown on his jaw, and his mouth was pressed into a thin line. I wondered what was on his mind. 


Gathering my courage, I finally began to walk towards him. At the sound of my footsteps, he looked up from his magazine and gazed at me slack-jawed. 


"What's wrong?", I asked him, frowning. 


"Whose concert did you go to?" His voice was throaty. 


"Um, don't I get a hello or something?"


"Just answer the question."


"Drake's. With my older brother."


He quickly sat up straight, the magazine falling off his lap. 


"And he let you wear that?" His eyes raked over my abundant cleavage and bare stomach before landing back on mine. 


"I'm a grown woman, Antonio, not a little kid." 


He stood up, taking me into his arms, and I couldn't help noticing that they were all muscle and sinew. 


"I know. It's just that you managed to surprise me yet again."


"I can't help being full of surprises."


"I'm not complaining," he murmured, smiling lazily as he leaned in to kiss the tip of my nose.


Grabbing Antonio's hand, I led him to the elevator then we rode up to the fifth floor where my apartment was. He stood behind me, his presence all-consuming while I dug in my clutch for my keys, controlling my erratic breathing.


God, why was I being such a nervous wreck right now?


Moments later, I inserted the key into the lock and opened the door. 


"Come on in," I said to Antonio with a smile. 


He walked in, and I shut the door behind him, hanging my keys on the nearby hook. 


"Would you like anything to drink?", I asked. 


"I'll have whatever you're having," he replied, taking a seat at the kitchen counter. 


"Ok. Make yourself comfortable."


"Oh, don't worry, I will." He grinned. 


I grabbed two glasses from the cupboard and a tray of ice from the freezer then began preparing a gin and tonic drink. 


"So, any particular reason you wanted to see me tonight?", I asked. 


"Other than the fact that I miss you, no, not really." 


His words tugged at my heartstrings. 


"I missed you, too, Antonio." My gaze settled on his gorgeous face. 


"I was going to text you sooner, but I was busy preparing my students for their next midterm." 


"No worries, I completely understand." I smiled at him. 


Once I finished making our drinks, we moved to the living room to sit down on the couch, with my legs draped over his. 


"You've got a nice place, Sophia. It feels very homey, too." 


"Thank you. I try."


"You play the piano?" He nodded towards my black baby grand piano in the corner of the room by the balcony door. 


"I used to. I stopped taking lessons in high school because soccer consumed too much of my time."


"What a shame. I love the sound of the piano."


Note to self: Practice the piano again.


His eyes wandered to the family photos that spanned my walls, and he smiled wistfully. 


"I always thought you had the most perfect family."


I turned to face him. 


"Tell me about your parents. Why did they divorce?"


"You remember that?"


"Of course. It's only been three days."


He sighed, his eyes becoming glazed over with an emotion I couldn't identify. 


"My father was very short-tempered, and my mom refused to ever be wrong about anything. You can probably see how things went downhill from there."


"Did they love each other?"


"Yes. My mother loved my father with everything she had. My father loved her, too, but sometimes, his actions blinded that." 


I frowned. 


"What do you mean?" 


He drew in a sharp breath. 


"It's complicated. All I know is that both of them are much happier now than when they were together."


"That's good for them, I guess..."


We both took a sip of our drinks, letting the subject drop, and Antonio began to absently stroke my bare thigh with his fingers. 


"How was Drake?", he asked. 


"Amazing. He totally lives up to his fame." 


"I never was a fan of his, to be honest. Most of his song lyrics are complete trash. I mean seriously, how did something like 'Hotline Bling' even become popular?"


"Ugh, you're just a hater cause you're too old for his music."


"You think I'm old?" He raised a dark brow, his tone playful. 


"Yes. I'm surprised your hair hasn't turned gray yet," I teased. 


Antonio downed the rest of his drink and set the empty glass on the table before directing his attention back to me. I could feel his brown eyes burning right through mine as we stared at each other, then slowly, they began to venture downwards, lingering on my chest. 


My nipples instantly hardened beneath his heated gaze, and the hitch of his breath revealed that he'd noticed, too. 


"D-do you want another drink?", I managed to ask. 


"I want you," he murmured hoarsely, his pupils dilating. 


Desire coursed through my veins as I set down my glass and put a leg on either side of him, straddling his lap. Immediately, I felt his raging hard-on, and with one hand, I began palming it through the fabric of his jeans, eliciting a groan from deep in his throat. 


"You see what this damn outfit of yours has been doing to me?" His hands squeezed my barely-covered ass. 


"I had no idea," I said, feigning innocence. 


He growled, leaning in to bite my nipple through my cami top, and heat pooled between my legs. 


"You're gonna regret ever dressing like this," he rasped into my ear, standing up from the couch with my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. 


"Bedroom. On the right," I gasped before his soft lips crashed against mine, sending sparks flying everywhere. 


Carrying me in his arms, Antonio stumbled towards my bedroom, occasionally bumping into a wall as our lips remained locked on each other. 


Once we reached my bed, he dropped me onto it, and my back hit the plush mattress. Standing up straight, Antonio pulled his tshirt over his head in a fluid motion, and I drew in a sharp breath, allowing my eyes to wander over his smooth, broad chest and defined abs. 


Then, he was on top of me, the weight of his powerful body making me feel safe and protected. Our lips engaged in a heated, passionate kiss, and when I opened my mouth for him, he explored every single inch of it with his tongue. It was absolutely drugging. 


One hand cradled the back of my head while the other pulled down the strap of my cami top, and I heard him suck in a breath. 


"You're not wearing a bra?"


"Nope," I breathed, panting heavily. 


His thumb stroked my nipple, and it pebbled beneath his touch. Then he drew the hard tip into his warm mouth, suckling hungrily, and a moan escaped my lips. 


Pulling my left strap down, his mouth and tongue worshipped my other breast as I thrashed my head around on the pillows. Moments later, his face hovered over mine. 


"I want you naked beneath me," he growled huskily, his eyes blazing. 


"Nothing's stopping you," I whispered, reaching up to trace his full lower lip. 


He grabbed the bottom hem of my top and pulled it over my head before tossing it to the ground. Then, his lips were at my neck, gently sucking, as his firm hands kneaded my full breasts. 


"Antonio," I whimpered, clutching his shoulders. 


"Hush, mia bella. I'll take care of you," he crooned. 


Slowly, he began crawling down my body, and his tongue darted out to lick my nipples before moving lower. He placed tender kisses on my stomach, his tongue circling my navel and flicking inside it. 


When he reached the waistband of my shorts, he got on his knees, and my eyes immediately landed on the erection straining against his jeans. The sight made my mouth water, and I longed to free it, run my tongue over it. 


With deft hands, Antonio slid both my shorts and panties down my legs until at last, I lay there completely bare to him, glistening with arousal. His smoldering gaze traveled from my head to toe then lingered on my flushed face. 


"God, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on," he breathed, pressing a kiss to my inner thigh. 


My heart raced at his words and the anticipation of what was to come. Spreading my legs apart, he settled his shoulders between them, and the moment his tongue licked over my slit, I cried out in pleasure. 


I could feel his smile against my heat, and as his lips closed over my sensitive bud, I bucked my hips and moaned wildly, weaving my fingers in his hair. For the next several minutes, he ravished me like a man starved, bringing me to the edge of orgasm as his tongue repeatedly plunged in and out of my entrance. 


"God, you taste like heaven. I could eat your pussy for days." 


He emitted a guttural groan, placing one final kiss on my clit, and I came violently, crying out his name. His tongue lapped up every single drop before he stood up. 


At lightning speed, he emptied his pockets on the nightstand, and in one swift movement, his jeans and briefs were off. The sight of his hard, virile body was utterly magnificent, further igniting the desire I had for him.


With a wicked gleam in his eyes, Antonio crawled on top of my body, and I grabbed his face, pulling him down for a mind-blowing kiss. 


I stroked his chest and abs, sliding my hand further downward until it was wrapped around his thick, pulsing length. He groaned loudly and parted his lips, the muscles in his neck cording as I stroked him. 


"Fuck, I need to be inside of you."


His arm reached for a condom in his wallet, and he tore it open with his teeth before sliding it on. Settling his weight on his forearms, he positioned himself at my entrance, his eyes locked on mine as he slowly began to push into me. I winced ever so slightly. 


"Damn, you're so fucking tight," he groaned, adjusting his hips.


"It's been a long time," I whispered, my heart beating rapidly in my chest. 


His lips curled into a breathtaking smile, and he kissed me, his tongue plunging into my mouth as he moved in and out of me, sending waves of pleasure bursting throughout my body. 


My fingers raked down his muscular back before settling on his taut ass, which flexed with every thrust. The sound of our loud moans filled the air, and I bucked my hips, urging him on. 


"Harder, Antonio. Fuck me harder," I gasped. 


At my words, he began to drive into me with faster, deeper strokes, losing all control as my moans turned into cries of utter ecstasy. 


"You feel fucking incredible, mia bella," he groaned, his tongue darting out to lick my ear. 


Sweat covered our bodies, and eventually, I felt my toes clenching with the orgasm building inside of me. Antonio's thumb reached down to rub my clit, and with a loud cry, I fell apart beneath him, seeing stars as I rode out my earth-shattering climax. Seconds later, he clenched his eyes shut, finding his own release before collapsing on top of me. 


We lay there, limbs entwined and panting for breath with the scent of sex lingering in the air. Then slowly, Antonio pulled out of me to go discard the condom in the bathroom. When he returned, I held the comforter back to let him in, and he crawled in next to me, pulling my sated body into his arms. 


I lay my head on his chest, listening to the sound of his steady heartbeat as his fingers combed my hair. 


"When was the last time you slept with someone?", he asked. 


"Almost two years ago. It was in college, right before my graduation. You?"


"Last weekend, I think."


"Damn, you must get around, Professor," I teased. He laughed quietly. 


"So, if my memory serves me correctly, you mentioned you were twenty-four during your presentation, right?"


"Yup. I just turned twenty-four the day before that."


"Is that so? Well, in that case, happy belated birthday." He smiled down at me. 

The pale moonlight shining through my window illuminated his sharp features, and I'd never seen him look more breathtaking. The playful gleam in his eyes and his unruly hair made him appear younger, less harsh. 


"Thank you, Antonio. And just out of curiosity, do you live nearby? You got to my apartment pretty quickly."


"I live in LA, but I was near your area visiting an old college friend," he replied, his fingers gliding up and down my arm. "Thought I'd stop by and see you."


I propped myself up on one elbow to face him and smiled. 


"I'm glad you did." 


His eyes lingered on mine before venturing towards the tattoo on my left inner wrist. 


"Golden, huh?" He stroked the ink with his thumb. 


"My best friend, Alexa, and I got it before our college graduation. We thought it was the perfect word to symbolize our friendship and sum up our college years. You know, because Minnesota's mascot is the Golden Gopher," I explained. 


"That's clever. You two still close?"


"Yes. I visited her in New York over New Year's."


He smiled. 


"You know what your tattoo makes me think of?"




"Your hair. When you were lying beneath me, it looked like strands of gold spilling over the pillows."


My eyes lit up. 


"That sounds very lovely."


He chuckled and leaned in to place a tender kiss on my forehead. I yawned, snuggling closer to his warm body as his arms wrapped around me. Beneath the comforter, our legs were intertwined.


"Antonio?", I mumbled against his hard chest. 




"Who's your best friend?"


His body tensed for a moment then he exhaled slowly. 


"I lost her."


I frowned. 


"She passed away?"


"No. We just...drifted apart," he murmured. 


"I'm sorry to hear that." 


I pressed a kiss to his chest, and eventually my eyes fluttered closed as sleep came to me. 


Some time during the night, I stirred at the sound of Antonio muttering a name in his sleep. 




But then all was quiet again as he resumed his soft snoring, and I drifted back to sleep.




A/N- Well, that was quite a chapter. Any ideas as to who Veronica is? Like always, remember to like and comment!

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