My Saving Grace

Despite losing her mother when she was ten, Sophia Grace Weston has the life most kids dream of. Growing up, she had a loving father and was always surrounded by the most privileged people, but when she enters college, a brief encounter with Chase Lincoln reveals that life isn't easy for everyone like her. In fact, life can go spiraling downwards in just the blink of an eye. And when that happens, sometimes all you can do is pray for a saving grace.


12. Chapter 12


Saturday night couldn't come soon enough; the past two days, I'd been counting down the hours until Drake's concert. Nick and I had been fans of his since high school, and his hit album, "More Life," was one of my all-time favorites. 


Glancing at the clock, I decided to start getting dressed since Nick would be coming to pick me up in an hour. The majority of my wardrobe now contained business casual apparel for work, but in my drawers, I kept tops and bottoms suitable for more fun nights out. Like tonight. 


After minutes of digging through my clothes, I selected a padded, black lace crop cami top and ripped, high-waisted jean shorts. With an extra bounce to my step, I headed into the bathroom to change.


For once in a long time, the woman staring back at me in the mirror looked nothing like Sophia the process engineer who handled chemicals better than she handled her men. Instead, she looked like Sophia the wild party animal who was ready to have an unforgettable night and pick up any guy she wanted. 


Only the guy I wanted was Antonio Rossi, who hadn't texted or called since we exchanged numbers on Wednesday. 


I'd debated texting him myself but then decided against it. If he was interested, he'd make a move first, and besides, I didn't want to appear desperate. 


Taking out my makeup bag, I applied some shimmery gold eyeshadow and black top liner, followed by a coat of mascara which made my brown eyes pop. For the finishing touch, I put on some silvery pink lipstick then went to put on a pair of diamond studs. 


The doorbell rang at six, and grabbing my clutch, I headed out of my bedroom to go greet Nick. 


"Damn, sis, is this a throwback to college or what?", he remarked, a teasing glint in his eyes as he glanced at my outfit. 


"Am I revealing too much?"


He laughed wholeheartedly. 


"Nah, you're good, Soph. I was just messing with you." He playfully ruffled my hair. 


"That's what brothers are for." I smiled up at him. 


Nick wore a black tshirt with black designer jeans, and his dark hair was styled to look like he'd just gotten out of bed. It was his signature look that had gotten all of the girls back when he was in college. As he'd grown older, his resemblance to Dad became more striking, while people said I looked like a mix of both our parents. 


"You want anything to eat quick before we go?", I asked Nick. 


"Just a bottle of water is fine."


I grabbed him a water from the fridge and then we headed out to his shiny black Porsche. He'd also inherited Dad's taste for nice wheels. 


The entire car ride, we put "More Life" on full blast, and I laughed at Nick's attempts to rap along with Drake. An hour later, we arrived at Staples Center, and finding a parking space proved to be absolutely chaotic; There were just too many people. 


Just like I'd expected, the teenage girls were practically drooling over Nick as we made our way down to the floor level of the arena after going through security check. 


Nick kept on walking, with me close behind him, until we reached the third row from the stage. Already, there was a huge crowd of people on their feet around us. 


"You got us spots this close up?", I asked excitedly. 


"The birthday girl only deserves the best," he replied with a grin. 


"You're the greatest, Nick. You know that?"


"Of course I do." He smirked, and I pulled him into a side hug. 


Half an hour later, the arena lights dimmed as the stage lit up, and Travis Scott--the opening act--appeared behind a giant ball of fire. From where I stood, the heat could be felt on my cheeks. 


He sang four of his latest chart-topping hits then the stage went completely dark. The crowd started chanting "Drake," and moments later, Drake appeared right alongside Travis as the two began singing the intro to "Portland." Only Quavo was missing from the song. 


The energy radiating from the stage and people around me was infectious, and I threw my arms up in the air, belting out the lyrics at the top of my lungs. When Drake performed his hit, "Passionfruit," I moved my hips to the smooth, danceable beat, feeling sweaty bodies crowding in all around me. 


"Keep moving dat sexy ass, gurl," a male voice said loudly behind me. 


I quickly turned around just as the strobe lights flashed, illuminating the face of an attractive black college-aged male. He was with two of his friends, and right away, I could tell they were football players. Tall and rippling with muscle. 


"Oh, believe me, I will." I flashed them a smile, and when I turned back to the stage, I could hear the sound of their wolf whistles. 


Some time during the concert, Nick had drifted a few spots down, and when I saw him trying to fend off some thirsty college-aged girls who were practically rubbing their bodies against him, I burst into laughter. 


Song after song, I danced the night away with the people all around me, and it felt so freeing, like a breath of fresh air. I even managed to touch Drake's hand once when he came over to the edge of the stage. 


"Gyalchester" was the final song he sang to end the show, which also happened to be my favorite on the album. The sick beat sounded even more amazing live, and I rapped along to the lyrics with Nick, who'd eventually managed to find his way back over to me. 


When the song ended, Drake yelled, "Good night, LA!" to the crowd before the stage turned pitch black. Moments later, the arena lights were back on. 


"Ok, let's get out of here," Nick said, grabbing my arm as we weaved through the crowd of bodies, then at last, we stepped outside. The ocean breeze caused the palm trees to sway slightly, and I let it cool down my body. 


"That was the best damn concert I've ever been to," Nick commented, looking back at the arena wistfully. 


"Same here. I had the time of my life." I sighed, running my fingers through my messy hair. 


We walked to the parking lot, and Nick started laughing. 


"What's so funny?", I asked. 


"The guys behind you. I think their eyes were on you more than the actual stage." 


"Why am I not surprised?" I smiled knowingly. 


"I guess they call you Sex on a Stick Sophia for nothing." 


"Oh lord, not that dreadful nickname again." I rolled my eyes, and Nick chuckled. "You sure got some attention yourself, too, bro."


"It was awful. I seriously don't remember college girls being so...grabby."


I threw my head back and laughed. 


During the car ride back home, my phone lit up with a text, and I quickly unlocked the screen to read it. 


Antonio: Are you awake right now?


My heart began racing in my chest as I typed a reply. 


Me: I'm on my way home from a concert. Why?


His reply came faster than lightning. 


Antonio: I know it's late, but can I see you?


A huge smile spread on my face.


Me: Sure. Why don't you come over? I should be home by 11:30.


Antonio: Awesome, I'll be there. 


I was about to put my phone away when I remembered that he probably didn't recall where I lived. After all, it'd been over a year. 


Me: You need my address? 


Antonio: Nope, it's saved in my car from last time (;


"What are you smiling at?", Nick asked from the driver's seat. 


"Huh? Oh, nothing." I set my phone down on my lap. 


"Whatever you say, sis," he said with a whistle. 


I leaned my head against the window, my body tingling with the excitement of getting to see Antonio Rossi again. The memory of what he'd done to my body last time in the parking lot was fresh in my mind, and since then, I'd been craving more of his touch. More of him. 


"Home sweet home. Well, for you at least. I still have another half an hour to drive," Nick said when we arrived outside my apartment. 


"You know I would invite you spend the night, but--"


"You're expecting someone. I totally understand." He smirked. 


My jaw dropped. 


"H-how'd you know?"


"I read women like an open book, sis. That smile you had on when you were texting god-knows-who? That's the smile of a woman who knows she's getting laid." He grinned proudly. 


"Ugh, you make my ears bleed, Nicholas," I muttered, hiding the blush forming on my cheeks. 


I grabbed my clutch then leaned in to give my brother a kiss on the cheek. 


"Thanks again for taking me to Drake. It was the best birthday present ever."


"You know I always pick presents that I can enjoy as well. But you're welcome, sis."


I laughed, opening the car door. 


"Good night, Nick."


"Night, Soph. Go get some dick. We know you've been lacking in that department." 


I flicked him off and got out of the car, hearing his laugh gradually fade as he sped away. 


God, I loved my brother, even if he was a nutcase. 




A/N- Hey guys, I know this chapter was short, but the next one will be longer (: Remember to like and comment!

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