Liam, Logan, Sarah, and Karin discover a new world and a new life to live in. They become bonded in a way that is unbreakable as they fight dangers from other realms.


1. The beginning


        Over 1,000,000 years ago, there was four people born with extraordinary powers. They could control the four basic elements.  Ever since then, the elements have chosen four people to control amazing powers. On this very day, they have chosen new people. The question is, are they the right people? Earth as Sarah, Air as Liam, Fire as Logan, and Water as Karin. 

        Water was considered the leader because how serious and intelligent he was, Earth was the strongest by heart and what held the group together, Air was the most reasonable and honest, and Fire was the bravest but the most hot headed.

        These four kids have been with each other since the beginning. They  must fight together and live together till the end.  Their parents were all killed on the same day at the same exact time. They ran away together and found a small cabin far away from their home town. They have lived in peace for eleven years until they meet a new element, Spirit. She is seeking the four elements powers to have all to herself. 



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