Lost Memories

Ok. So this is for the oneshot Writing Competition. I enjoyed writing this. It has to do with the other books we are writing.


1. Unknown Girl

I am a noblemen, and today I met the most beautiful girl in my life. She is standing in front of me. Her green eyes staring at me. I- don't know what to do. Her beautiful long brown wavy hair flowed with the wind. No one has looked at me like that before.

"Hello. Are you Sr. Haku?" She asked.

She was wearing a simple brown dress with a stick on her back, and on her side was a simple sword. She looked at me.

"Oh! Um..... Yes, I'm apprentice warrior, Haku." I introduced myself. I feel like I've meet her before. But were?

"You may call me Warrior, Anzuna or Zina if you prefer." She said. Anzuna?..... I've heard that before. I don't know.

"Anzu?..... Zina?" I said.

"No one has called me that in a long time, only my old friend," she looked at me.

She smiled, "I'll see you around, Haku," she said with a smile.

"Ok." I said half smiling.

"Haku!" Atem said.

I walked over to King Atem and bowed.

"Yes my King?" I asked.

"I see you have a liking on our best warrior on the lands." He gently teased.


I know who she is! She's The Warrior! This isn't my memory but my twin brothers, Haku!


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