The Unifier

The war torn world could not withstand the economic upheaval that had befallen it. Another religious faction or thought would surely bring everything to a final end. The world leaders needed to find a solution. A world summit was called and every ruler from president to king was urged to attend.
Arguments arose but each man knew that the only solution was a one world government.


2. Chapter Two: Dead or Alive.

In a cave up the mountains, Palm, watched on a tab an interview on a television station that featured the two assassins who made an attempt on The Master’s life years back.
“I learned that today is your birthday, which also happens to be the day chosen to observe the annual festival throughout the world, which is meant to celebrate the peace we all savour in all the nations?” Said the TV host, she smiled, “Tell me, how does it feels like to be forgiven by the very most powerful man you’ve tried to kill? One who has the authority to have your life snapped out of you in a second?”
“Well, you’re right, Margie!” One among the young men said, “My brother and I were blinded by well, this whole idea injected into our heads about a coming saviour that will fall from the sky; whom they said would come down and take us all into heaven, you know; lies propagated by those who perverted the truth for thousands of years. So we thought it was our duty to kill The Supreme One, whom we thought was a tool in the hands of the devil. We took it upon ourselves to take him out, but when we failed and were captured, we couldn’t believe our ears when The Master ordered that we be set free! Little did humanity know that we need not look into the skies for a helper but down here on earth?”
“I know, right?” Said the host. She giggled, “I love the way you put it. If only those that are still blind and in hiding could hear what you just said!”
“Yeah!” He responded, “I mean, my brother and I could not even comprehend such mercy exercised upon us by The Master, a man we just attempted to kill. The world is blessed to have this great leader. We are beings of high and great intelligence; we have explored and have travelled worlds and planets beyond our realm, time travel, you name it…and none a God or gods were sighted. Not only has science proven so but it exposed the mythos that caged man’s way of thinking which in the long run limits and affects man’s way of life. This is a new age, a new era of noesis that will thrust mankind into what was thought to be impossible or only attained by gods or God, or whatever the practitioners of the old ways believed in.”
“I read from page 17 of your new book, the Light within the Tunnel, where you said and I quote, ‘Man is God, for God is man!’ can you shed more light on that?” Said the host.
“The truth is, man has been looking up to and for some super being whom he thought lived in the skies, you know, seated on a throne made of gold and all that,” he said as he giggled, “but man of the old ways have failed to understand that he was actually looking for himself, and because he sought himself he never found himself. It takes the spirit of the new man to see that which the old sought for. It’s like a dog chasing its own tail, you know, no matter how many times it goes round and round, it can never catch up.”
The spectators laughed and applauded.
“Anyways, I don’t want to say much,” he added, “Wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for the truth seekers. Just get a copy of our book, The Light within the Tunnel, it’s more than an eye opener.”
“I know, right?” She said, “What about you, Larry?” The host turned to the other young man, “What do you have to say about this?”
“Well, just like what Harry said; little did humanity know that we need not look into the skies for a helper but down here on earth,” he cleared his throat, “I urge all the people in all the nations to show support to our great leader, The Master, who has ushered in peace and prosperity never experienced by the inhabitants of the earth. None a man we have seen that made so much sacrifice to us all like this man, our supreme leader, The Master.”
“Hmm! A small but heavy statement there, you’re not much of a talker, are you?” The host said. She then turned and faced the camera, “Anyway, you’ve just heard from the twin brothers; Larry and Harry Norchell, whom, years ago made an attempt to assassinate our great supreme leader, The Master, Ethnocal Jessy Thuck. However, his mercy made a believer of world peace out of them. Now they travel throughout the nations to preach, educate and orient converts on the new way of things. You can buy their debut novel, The Light within the Tunnel, at bookshops near you or just order online. We’ve come to the end of our show for today, I am your host, Margie Cantell, for UNG; the Unifier News Guardian. Peace in our time!”
The TV station switched to commercial. Palm Carlos switched off the tab, then plugged it to a small solar device kept at the edge of the cave.
“Would you need some water to shower, Palm?” A lady said to him.
“No, Tamara, I am okay!” He said.
“It’s been two days now, Palm,” she added. “Just because we sleep in a cage don’t mean we should live like cage dwellers!”
“But that is what we are, Tamara!” He said as he turned, “Cage dwellers, for now!”
Palm took a few steps and stood at the edge of the cave, overlooking the vales. The mighty statue on the shores of the world’s capital could be sighted from the mountains. The golden image of The Master stood still in its aura. Helicopters hovered around it as fireworks took the skies hostage, many ships and boats could be sighted with multitude of crowd celebrating in the city.
“If only they knew!” Palm said.
“Maybe you shouldn’t worry much about those who chose not to be saved.” Tamara said as she walked to him.
“I wish it is that easy!” He said, “He has placed a weight upon my heart; to never find peace until His people are set free from this thrall!”
“I’ve known you for years, Palm.” She added, “When we first met in high school, I told you from the start that your compassion would plunge you into a gulf you won’t be able to be rescued from. Now, look at what have become of us; we can’t even live a normal life. You’re being hunted like an animal. You've lost your dignity in the eyes of friends and relatives; wasting your time and energy trying to what…set them free? When the people are happy with their current situation?”
“You’ll not understand, Tam.” he said. “And I don’t expect you to.”
“Trust me, Palm.” She added, “I do understand, and I also know that He has not answered any of your prayers ever since this whole mess started. I’m your wife, I know you deeper than you think. Maybe God wanted you to invest your time in us, for now, than trying to rid the world of what you believe has consumed or blinded it.” She paused, “We should try and be happy, baby. Enjoy the moment.” She sighed, “Even though our two boys were taken along with all the children of the world when that horrible sound shook the earth...” She wrapped her arms round him from behind, “When He’s ready and willing to use you, He would come down or visit you…in your dreams as He used to, to give you His instructions, maybe.”
“He’s not coming back,” Palm said. “Not down to this world, for now. All the children are safe with Him. Nothing delights His heart when He looks down here anymore.” He sighed, “At least, that’s what I think.”
Palm turned and held her firm in his arms then kissed her.
“I know there’s a prophesy upon you to bring an end to the reign of this thing the world believes it needs but look around and about, baby; these people are happy!” Tamara added, “You saw it over the news and even from here you can see and hear the sound of their jubilation! If I was Him, I’d let them all rot. I mean, if someone says they don’t want you even though you know after you walk away they’d suffer more than they had ever imagined, you walk the hell away and care less when they cry out for help!”
“You always forget that there are so many others in hiding just like us, who have refused to bow to this graven image, Tam.” Palm said, “It is our duty to let the light shine in the darkest phase the world faces. It won’t be easy but…it is our duty as children of God to let His will be done, here on earth!”
Tamara sighed.
The refreshing breeze whistled through the cave’s lips, they stood silent in each other’s arms to its anthem.
“I miss the taste of the good old wine, the smell of our home.” She said, “The laundry. Ooh…my beautiful blue dress. Baby, you remember that one you got me from Europe?”
“Of course I remember,” he replied. “When I sent you the picture you just couldn’t wait for me to come home. I was a bit jealous! How can I ever forget?”
“It’s only a dress, baby?” Tamara said, “Come on!”
“Don’t come-on me, honey!” He said, “I was away for about a month and you wanted to get your hands on that dress more than you wanted to get your hands on me!” He giggled.
“Get out of here!” Tamara responded as she gently sank her teeth on his chest, “Grrrr!”
 “I miss the boys!” He said.
“I really missed them too!” She remarked, “They all had your great smile.”
“They had your face!” He countered.
“Well, they had your eyes!” She protested, “They had your body and your voice?”
“Yeah, right. And how’s my voice like?” He asked as he gazed into her eyes.
“Like a Puma growling in the dark,” she said, “Trying to whisper my name! Your voice made me fall for you the more back in high school!” She smiled.
“I should’ve known…” Palm added, “Imagine how many girls I could’ve toyed with!”
“Mmm hmm?” She responded, “Imagine how many would’ve been annihilated by my stare!” She stared into his eyes, “Grrrr! Tigress!”
“Your stare can only trap a man’s heart,” he said as he lifted her in his arms, “Not scary at all!” He kissed her.
“I love you!” Tamara said as she kissed him back.
“I love you too!” Palm responded, “You’ve gained too much weight, honey.” He teased, “Don’t you think we should do something about it?”
 “Shut up!” She replied.
They both laughed as he took her deep into the cave.
They made love and later chatted a bit. Tamara couldn’t stop talking about their two children. Palm didn’t want to say much about it but he had to engage in the conversation. When she realised he wasn’t comfortable with it, she left him and headed to the edge of the cave. Palm ignored her and decided to take a rest. He closed his eyes and sailed through the oceans of his thoughts, then her voice shook him off.
“Palm!” She cried out.
Palm turned and saw Tamara on the ground, two men in a combat uniform had their guns pointed at her. There were two more hanging on ropes by the entrance to the cave. Before he could make any move, a shot was fired by one of the men as Tamara tried to get up.
Tamara died on the spot.
“No!” Palm screamed. He got up and ran to where she laid, and held her dead body.
 “No, baby?” He cried, “Honey, get up!”
“Who gave you the order to fire?” One of the men in masked asked as he got off his rope.
“She tried to move, sir!” The shooter answered.
“Fool! You just bought a ticket to your own public execution.” Said the one who appeared to be the superior officer.
Palm lost control and got up, he noticed the tag on their uniform; Rel-Pol. He rushed the shooter to the ground but received a sharp blow on the back of the head with a truncheon. He fainted.


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