The Unifier

The war torn world could not withstand the economic upheaval that had befallen it. Another religious faction or thought would surely bring everything to a final end. The world leaders needed to find a solution. A world summit was called and every ruler from president to king was urged to attend.
Arguments arose but each man knew that the only solution was a one world government.


3. Chapter Three: A Friend Indeed.

“On your feet!” Yelled an elderly officer, “Put your back up against the wall! Now!”
Palm Carlos gently came down from the bed, the sound of chains shackled to his feet rang through. Palm walked towards the wall and stood on his feet, with his face lowered.
The Master approached the cell.
“Chief Deshawn?” The Master called.
“Yes, your majesty!” The officer responded.
“How many resistance have you in this precinct?” The Master asked.
“Well, your majesty,” said the chief, “I uh…I think about…””
“You think?” Interjected The Master.
“Thirty three, sir,” another low ranking officer whispered to the chief, “Palm Carlos inclusive!”
“Only Thirty three, your majesty!” The chief said, “Yes, Thirty three.”
“Give me the keys to this block!” He said, “And the keys to the shackles.”
The chief quickly ordered one of his men to bring the keys, he then handed it to The Master as soon as it was given to him.
“Get you, your men and all the resistance in these cells out of the building.” The Master said, “I want to have a word with this man.”
“Are you sure, your majesty? Your safety is my number one priority!” The chief said, “This man could be dangerous, your majesty. If anything happens to you, I and my…”
“Now!” The Master yelled.
“Sure, your majesty!” Said the chief as he turned to his men, “Alright everyone! Evacuate! Now! All captives inclusive!”
The officers quickly formed a line behind The Master to shield him from the prisoners that might want to harm him. Some of the officers stormed in and pulled out all the men and women locked up in the other cells.
“Don’t get any ideas, you rats!” Said the chief to the prisoners, he stared at them as they were being moved out of their cells, “Don’t hesitate to shoot anyone who looks this way!”
The entire officers along with the chief stormed out of the precinct.
The Master heaved a heavy sigh. He used the keys and opened the cell block where Palm was locked. He gently walked in, stopped and then continued to step forward. He bent and unchained the shackles on Palm’s feet, then stepped aside and sat on the concrete bed. Palm acted as though no one was in the room with him.
“Who would’ve thought I’d see you again?” The Master said, “And there I was thinking that by this time, you’ll be the one person who would be by my side...To watch over my back. I guess I was wrong.”
“You had Tamara killed.” Palm said, “What wrong has she commit?” Tears rolled down his cheek. He was filled with anger. “I’d kill you right here, right now.”
The Master kept his head lowered to the floor.
“I’m so sorry, Palm!” He said, “I never ordered anyone to harm you nor Tam, I’m really sorry it had gotten to this.” He sighed, “I know you’d think…”
“You and your greed, and your stupid dreams knows no boundaries, Jessy!” Palm said, “Look at what you’ve done! An image? A giant statue of you?” He giggled, “God, Jes! What have you done?”
“Wipe your tears, friend!” He said, “I told you I didn’t ask anyone to harm your wife. They explained to me that it was an accident.”
“My tears aren’t for Tam, even though I'm still in shock over her death.” He responded, “I am shedding tears for you, Jessy. For the things you have done. God is…”
“That’s enough!” He interposed, “I’ve heard enough of you talking to me about Him every time we meet! What has He ever done for me? You tell me!” He got up on his feet, “I was looked down upon; trampled, mocked, abused and wrongly accused in all the years I’ve walked this earth!” He turned to Palm, “He took away everything I’ve ever had, everything I’ve ever loved. You on the other hand, you lied to me, you made me go to Him, and for more than eleven years I’ve prayed and cried to him. I’ve even fasted and prayed for how long? And did He look my direction? Did He, Palm?” He walked towards Palm Carlos, “At least He should’ve pretended He heard my cry. No one was there for me.”
“I stood by you, Jessy.” Palm said, “God was always there for you and by your side all along, you know that. He was there at all time but you chose not to see it and just wasn’t patient enough.”
“Don’t talk to me like that, Palm!” He yelled, “We’re no longer those little choir boys. This-is-the-real-life! Wake up. You told me He never forsakes anyone…but where was He when I cried all night with the thick clouds of shame over my head? I was Jobless and homeless!”
“I gave you the keys to my apartment, Jes.” Palm responded, “Your pride couldn’t let you stay. I stood by you more than a friend should!”
“Been more than a friend wasn’t enough!” He yelled, his eyes glowed with anger, “And before you even say it; being more than a brother wouldn’t have been enough either. It was easy for you, ’cause He made you stronger.”
“What did you want?” Palm asked, in a calm tone, “What was it you sought for?”
There was a deaf silence in the cell.
“Just…all I wanted then was just to be able to eat the fruits of my labour.” He said, “But as little as that was, He couldn’t even help me out, Palm. Yet your God claimed He owns everything? Well, did He deny me those little things on purpose ’cause He hated me? What have I ever done wrong to Him before I came to this world?”
“You and I were virtually passing through the same ordeal, friend.” Palm said, “You of all people should know that. I hid nothing from you, hell, I used to get mad at God too, sometimes, over how slow it seemed, and we’d make fun of how He’d make people to hang on in wait, but I remember this…at the end of the day we’ve always had something like a sign to hold on to. He gave us hope. He was busy making us strong but, we wanted an immediate response. But that’s okay, because God understands that.”
“Yeah, and then you started seeing things in your dreams about the future,” he said, “and then everything changed. You chose your God over a friend.”
“Nothing really changed,” Palm said, “I was just disturbed by what I saw; I was shown this thing you’ve become, and I warned you about it. And yes, you're right...I'll choose Him over everything.”
“He never wove me with the qualities you possess, buddy.” Jessy said, “I struggled through, I did want to try His big racking game of waiting…but all that was delivered to me were empty promises, Palm. I yearned to wait but, the closer I get the further the things I wanted to lay my hands on fly away. That ain’t fair, you know that.”
“He loved you just as He does us all.” Palm said, “He loved you even more, and was ever willing to give you the desires of your heart. But you wanted things your way. God doesn’t work like that.”
“Well, I guess that’s too late now.” Jessy said, “As you can see, not only did I find the final solution to my own needs but of the entire world at large. And a single drop of His help isn’t a part of it.”
“At what price, Jes?” Palm said, “How much time do you have left? You know that the deceiver will giveth thee a thing with one hand and taketh something far more precious with the other. You made a deal with the wrong master, Jessy.”
“What do you know?” Jessy yelled, “Look at the world; look at how far we’ve come. Look at the little time it took me to bring peace and subdue poverty.”
“I still don’t understand where an old farmer plants different varieties of crops in his field…” Palm said, “…and you go to him and asks for some, and he says, ‘My child, be patient. This is all yours, once it’s ripe for harvest by tomorrow, you can take as much as you want from my farm, even for your friends and neighbours. And if you can’t carry that much, tell them about my farm, let them all come and fetch as much as they need.’ Then a thief comes when the farmer goes to clear his barn, and the thief plugs an unripe fruit from the farmer’s field and gives to you and claims he owns it, and tells you that the farmer hates you that’s why he refuses to offer his produce to you, and the thief says, ‘serve me; bow before me, be my slave, and I shall give to you more of this kind of good fruit and all the things your flesh and yearns for.”
“You seriously think I have time for your silly allegories, Palm?” He said, “I’ve got the world in my hands, these things you say, to my ears, are like chaff blown by the wind.”
“Do you have any idea what you’ve put the world into, Jes?” Palm said, “You’ve encountered God. You know He was more than willing to lift you up and deliver you from…”
“From what?” Jessy said, “He denied me everything! Well guess what?” He paused, “I have more than enough now, and there is none a man as I; from a-nobody to…not only a king, I am more than just a god, I am God!”
“Jessy!” Palm said, “What have gotten into you?”
“Yes! You heard me!” He yelled, “I give to the people whatever it is they want and never asked for anything in return; all my riches and wealth. All the precious stones and gold, and silver I mined from these planets I-share-with-everybody! Why won’t you tell me job well-done for once and acknowledge that I have tried?”
“The flesh is a servant to sin, Jessy. How long is the deceiver willing to let you rule the world before he takes over?” Palm said, “How much time do you think you have left?”
“Does it matter?” He replied, “The thing is I did what no man has done! Not even Jesus when He walked the earth. We have sank money into great research, our technology has improved beyond the dreams of our forefathers, go and see for yourself…the blind see, the cripple walk and the deaf hear. We don’t need to bruise our knees days and night on grounds filled with thorns, crying to some guy seated on some big mighty throne who is so consumed by Himself He thinks everything is alright with us down here, telling us to wait a little more all because things are alright with Him up there! How long shall we wait for a drop of blessing that our enemies would devour before it even reaches down to us?”
“You knew about this, we read it in the good book and we talked about this several times!” Palm said, “You’ve literally spat on God’s grace and mercy!”
“I’ve always faced the consequences of my own actions,” he said, “You’re right, but you see;  when Jesus said he’d be betrayed by someone very close to Him, it never stopped Judas from turning his back against Christ, did it?” He giggled, “I don’t even know why you so much love Him, what has He ever done for you anyway? Where was He when your wife was killed? Where was God when you didn’t have enough money to have your mother treated over the dreaded disease that cost her her life?”
“My mother suffered, yes, but even in her pain she never stopped loving Him,” Palm said, “You were there when she prayed for the both of us the very morning before she passed away.”
They stood still for a while.
“God cannot afford to let you befoul the souls of His people,” Palm added, “And for Tam, you took her away from me.”
“You got that wrong, friend.” He said, “God did, if He cared enough He could’ve stopped it from happening.” He paused, “Come with me, Palm. Let’s put the past behind us. Join me and let us rule the world together. You can have any woman you want, hell, you can sleep with as many women in a day as you want. I can have an image of you be made standing next to mine and the world will worship you. The one you call a deceiver will make you rich beyond your wildest dream. You think God gives a damn? Well, I’ve got news for you, buddy; in the end, He will walk away from all of these just like He always did from things that are imperfect, and create a new world. He will abandon this one. And all of this people. God has abandon the world, Palm. You and I know that.”
“You sound nothing near the fragrance of truth, friend!” Palm said, “He made perfect that which isn’t. God never turns his back away from those who consider themselves His own, and He never walks away from anyone who wishes to know Him. He’s always with those who put their trust in Him, and just because we’re passing through trials don’t mean He doesn’t care. It’s call life, Jessy. When He walked the earth in flesh, He Himself suffered for our sake, to show us the way. A good shepherd always walks with his sheep; be it in the mud, dust, under a heavy downpour or the scorching sun. That’s true love, Jes. And even the harshest of storms cannot stand against it. But He cannot dwell in the heart that harbours evil, He cannot walk the path of the wicked. This freedom you claim to have given the world…”
“Do what thou wilt!” He interjected, “That is the only law man should savour, total freedom. Everybody gets to be free! No strings, no rules, no guilt! The world is happier than it had ever been! Can’t you see? Why be its enemy?”
“God showed me what will become of you, Jessy.” Palm said, “In my dream I saw an unhatched egg fast falling from a tall tree, around the roots of this tree lied rocks floating on hot lava. I then tried to save it but the Lord told me that it was too late, that the egg left its nest at will and rejected the warmth shelter of its mother therefore, it cannot be saved nor stopped from self-destruction….and the Lord told me that you, Jessy is that egg, and the nest signifies the protection and love He offered to you under His wings but you chose the world. He who bites the fruit watered by the world the world devours! I then asked the Lord about the people of the earth, and He told me that they still have a chance because you helped the deceiver to cozen them. However, as much as the entire people of the earth allowed themselves to be deceived out of sheer ignorance into worship of this graven image, the world will not go unpunished; the earth shall be ruled by the dark one for a while. The dark one who made you think he owned the earth will come soon, and he shall seek and snatch that which you’ve traded, and shall he take away also all these emptiness you've embraced…and he won’t stop there, no…he shall first torment your soul even before he takes it, and because you have been instrumental to the opening of the portals that God himself kept closed for ages, a stool made of fire and brimstone placed next to the chamber of the ruler of darkness himself awaits you. And God commanded me to tell you that the woman you thought was your wife isn’t really Mariah, Jessy. Because of the deal you’ve made, Mariah’s soul was snatched by your new master and is now trapped in hades. Because she knew you were about to fall and never warned you. It is her body, yes, but whom you sleep with is no one other than the whore of Babylon herself; she is your handler, and when the time comes, the deceiver will take over your body and he and the harlot shall rule the people, then, and then the gates of hell shall be opened and its terror and the gruesomeness of the damned shall be poured upon the inhabitants of the earth, and they shall be tormented until the second coming of our Lord. You have no idea what you have incurred upon yourself and the world, Jessy.”
Jessy stared at him.
“I offer peace to the world!” Jessy bragged.
Palm opened his mouth to speak but something held down his tongue. “Yes you did,” Palm said, “Because the enemy of Adam’s seeds has decided to withdraw his army, thereby creating this illusion you call peace. True peace can only be found in the bosom of the Lord. If the devil makes an offer to you in exchange for your soul, you should be able to know that your soul is far more valuable than whatever it is the devil is willing to let go off just to lay his hands on your soul.” He sighed, “You offered the world a lifetime of agony under the devil’s reign. Though the years of his reign shall be short but to the flesh it shall be like eternity, for the remaining years he’ll rule after he takes over from you, earth shall become hell itself. I am your friend, and you know that I have never lied to you, and have no reason whatsoever to. And that thing I told you about the woman in your house, when you go home, while she sleeps; look under her ears. There shall be an opening like a branchia.” Palm said, “She is not Mariah.”
“You can’t get inside my head anymore, Palm.” He said, “This isn’t like before, my brother. The people want you hanged, Palm. You openly opposed me the day we observed the first annual day of sacrifice. Yes, we were friends, but standing up to me is same as standing up against the new way which the people have embraced.”
“You pleased them by putting me in prison,” Palm said, “and I believe…”
“Yes, I did, my friend.” He interjected, “And Tamara begged me to set you free, which I did, but we had an agreement. We agreed that you’ll stop talking to people about Him,” he giggled, “Few days later…somebody went about organising small gatherings and before you know it, Rel-Pol almost got overwhelmed. You can’t blame me for sending the dogs after you. Because if I don’t get rid of the sheepherder, there will be too many flocks dropping faeces everywhere, my friend!”
“You had an agreement with Tam, not me,” Palm said. “I do not fear you. I know who wants me dead, that woman in your house wants you to have me killed, I know.”
“I ordered for you to be searched but not harmed,” he said. “Mariah has nothing to do with this.”
“That’s not what the Lord told me,” Palm said. “Go home, Jessy. Do as I’ve told you; look underneath her ears, maybe it might open your eyes.”
"I've seen the devil, and may not really know him," he responded, "but Mariah, I know. So do not tell me anything about my woman."
"That's not her, Jes." Palm said, "She's the whore of..."
“Enough!” Jessy yelled as he turned and angrily grab hold of Palm by the neck, he held him up against the wall. His eyes turned red with anger. “Do not speak such of Mariah, you hear me?” He yelled, “She was there for me and by me all the way while you were busy trying to meddle in my affairs. So, shut up! Who are you trying to save anyway? God-never-cared!”
“He wanted the two of you to have a good relationship, but you were more interested in what He’s got to offer to please your flesh than more of Him, which would delight your soul for eternity.” Palm said, “He loved you…but you broke His heart. If you had stood your grounds, all other things would’ve been added to you, Jessy.”
They both panted, and stared into each other’s eyes.
“What happened to you, my friend?” Palm added as tears fell from his eyes and unto Jessy’s cheek.
Jessy turned his face away and gently let Palm down.
“I am so…sorry,” Jessy said.
“Jessy, you need to stop.” Palm said, “Don’t be an instrument that’s being used to drown the people in an ocean of deceit.”
“You’re too soft to be called a man.” He remarked, and slipped his hand in his pocket. “No wonder He was able to toy with you even though He made it clear He has given you free will.” Jessy paused, and sighed. “Don’t say I didn’t try; if you want to rot in here then be my guess. Goodbye, friend.” He turned to walk away.
“Jessy…” Palm said, “You need to put an end to this madness.”
Jessy ignored him and walked out of the cell.
Palm moved to the bed and went to his knees in tears.
“Father, I can’t do this.” He cried out, “If it is your will, strengthen me Lord.”
As Jessy stepped out of the precinct, all the officers, bodyguards and the prisoners could tell he was upset. No one had ever seen him in such a state. He called the attention of the chief. Jessy wore his sunglasses and entered the limousine.
“No one should know about his location, not even my wife. Feed him well and have him properly looked after.” He ordered, “Not a scratch on his skin. And I want the head of the man who shot his wife.”
“Yes, your majesty.” The chief said as he trembled, “It is my nephew. My late sister’s son, Derick. It was an accident, your majesty. Exercise mercy upon him. I’m all he’s got, that’s why I let him join the force. To teach him something I felt would make him feel useful, his mother passed away when we weren’t in good terms. Please forgive him, your majesty.”
“Send him on exile.” He said, “I want him away from the capital!”
“Consider it done, your majesty.” The chief said in tears, “Thank you! Thank you, thank you very much, your majesty.”
Jessy ordered the driver to drive off.


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