The Unifier

The war torn world could not withstand the economic upheaval that had befallen it. Another religious faction or thought would surely bring everything to a final end. The world leaders needed to find a solution. A world summit was called and every ruler from president to king was urged to attend.
Arguments arose but each man knew that the only solution was a one world government.


5. Chapter Five: The Shadow cometh.

As the sun set, Jessy puffed his last cigarette. He and Palm watched the sun go down, they never said a word to each other.
“Let’s do this,” Jessy said as he flung the filter. He ordered the limousine driver to go home. Jessy got into the driver’s seat and Palm took the passenger’s side.
“I know you’re wondering; why does he act like he doesn’t care?” Jessy said, “I do care, but when it dawned on you that you really, really messed up?” He sighed, “You’d just want the shit be over! You have been a good friend, but as you can see, I have a mind of my own, buddy, and I so love to use it. Pride goeth before destruction, they say.”
“What’s driving you to do this, is it fear?”  Palm asked out of curiosity, “Or is it what you’ve found out about her?”
“I don’t know.”  He said, “I was thinking you’d tell me.”  He turned and looked at Palm, “Maybe it’s because…I don’t know.”
Palm Carlos never said anything.
“Have you ever felt cheated…by yourself, Palm?”  Jessy asked, “Was this predestined or I just messed up?”
“A great friend once told me that we all make choices; some appear right, some appear wrong.”  Palm said, “The only thing that’s always right is when we own up and face the consequences of our own actions.”
Jessy giggled.
As they maneuvered through the city, they could see the giant statue as it glittered from afar.
On reaching his estate, Jessy pulled upfront and got out talking to himself. He opened the big golden doors to his mansion. With Palm carefully walking behind him.
“Surprise!!!” A crowd shouted.
The lights came on and Mariah made her way to hug him, “Happy birthday, my…” She paused as she sighted the man standing behind him. “Palm Carlos?”
“Uh huh!” Jessy responded, “They say if you want the job done right do it yourself, darling. So, I got out, searched, and guess who I’ve found? My one and only buddy, Palm!”
Mariah stared at Jessy.
“He should be put to dead!” She said.
“No, I think we should celebrate!” He responded.
Mariah made a scene as she began to rant, Jessy ignored her and walked to a table with many champagne flutes filled with red wine. He picked one glass and walked towards Palm.
“I am not sure about this…” Jessy said as he stared at Mariah. “But I am just tired of sleeping with a whore…you know” He handed the glass to Palm.
The people who came to celebrate with them were shocked by his statement. They began to murmur and grumble.
Palm placed his hand on top of the glass and whispered a prayer, the red wine turned colourless. On seeing what he did, Mariah then squealed and jumped into the air like a demon and flew to his direction, Palm quickly poured the liquid at her and she fell to the floor screaming.
“You descendant of mongrel!” She yelled, “I’ll get you! I’ll kill you all!” She cursed as she rolled on the floor.
They watched as she shape-shifted into a green fearsome creature; she had teeth so long they curved backward, with cloven hooves and large green hooded eyes, a snout, and an exposed arteries trailing along her tail. She flicked her tongue out and two tines of fork dispersed. She then squealed and raised her hand, the entire furniture left the floor and crash-landed as she oozed mucus out of pores along her body and repeatedly projectile a hot phlegm at them as she discharged a foul-smelling, poisonous substance from glands beneath her ears.
“You’ll pay for this!” She spoke in many tongues.
Jessy, who couldn’t stand the stench that saluted his nostril puked on the spot.
The hideous monster repeatedly stamped her hoof on the floor, like an earthquake, the entire house began to shake and chandeliers fell and smashed as they hit the floor. The people were terrified by the sight of her. She crossed her arms on her chest and began to chant as though talking backwards. A powerful force like the wind came out of her and swept Jessy and Palm off of their feet, and the entire people who came to celebrate the birthday were pinned to the wall. The wind was so powerful it crushed the skulls and bones of all the people pinned to the wall. She knelt down and hit the floor hard one more time.
“I beseeched thee, oh master!” She commanded, “Come forth! It is time to take your place!”
The entire roof of the mansion and all the rooms above the ground floor ripped off of the building and was soaked into a portal that appeared above the mansion. Palm and Jessy were still lying on the floor.
“Ha-Ha-ha!” She laughed, “You’ve rendered your service, and you have rendered it well, Ethnocal Jessy Thuck!”
Terrified by the size of the portal, Jessy and Palm looked up as many demons fell from the portal, and scattered away and into the city.
A heavy shower of blood fell upon them. The monster knelt down and began to lick the blood.
A dragon descended from the portal, majestically flapping its wings, drenched in blood like a new born from its mother’s womb. Jessy ran to one side and Palm ran to the other under the heavy pour of blood. The dragon landed and walked to her and she bowed in reverence. The dragon then turned to Jessy and Palm.
“Bow before me!” The mighty dragon said to them.
The terror in its eyes sent a shiver down their spine.
“Bow! And I shall spare thee!” It commanded as it stared down upon them.
The heavy downpour of blood from the portal ceased.
“Not to you!” Palm said, “I do not fear you!”
The dragon took a step towards him, it lifted its arm and delivered a blow, but a force field blocked its effort. A shield like a transparent dome appeared and covered Palm from its strike.
The wicked dragon tried to force itself through but it scales got burnt, it let a cry out and moved back. The dragon then turned to Jessy.
“Jessy!” The dragon hissed, “My boy…Job well-done! I’ll be more than glad to take it from here. You cannot trick the trickster, boy!”
The dragon lifted its right arm and a force like a whip came out and tied Jessy, and suspended him in the air. Jessy let a cry out as a mysterious fire sparked from his feet and blazed his entire garment. He cried in pain as his skin began to untie fast like a twisted fibre. His blood, bones and skull and all his organs were exposed and crushed. The power from the dragon suspended his remains in the air. The dragon wove the pieces of the body back again, blood poured upon it from the portal and Jessy’s naked body fell to the floor, in the pool of blood. The dragon transformed into a ball of fire and flew into Jessy’s body through his nostrils.
All these, Palm watched in fear. He looked around and there was no one but him and the hideous monster who was busy licking the blood on the floor. Few seconds later, he watched as Jessy’s body began to twitch. The deceiver had taken charge. Like a feather, the deceiver stood to his feet without any support from his hands, and walked to the hideous monster. She was still on her knees. He touched her and she transformed back to a human form, she was naked and her hair became darker and longer. She kissed his feet.
He turned and faced Palm then let a cry out as he ran naked towards him.
Palm flinched.
“Jesus!” Palm cried out.
The deceiver had broken the shield that protected Palm, he raised his hands to deliver a blow when all of a sudden, a bright white light appeared and snatched Palm from his presence.
Palm Carlos found himself falling down with his face facing the sky, he plunged in a body of water, and sank deep under water. He struggled against the current then swam to the bank, and laid down facing the sky as he panted. It was noon on that part of the world.
“Now what?” He whispered as he coughed out water.
“Now we wait for the dark one to show the earth and its inhabitants his true nature!” Said a deep voice.
Palm quickly stood to his feet because the voice he heard was unlike that of a man. And his instinct was right; it was a mighty lion. It roared and walked towards him.
“Do not be afraid, Palm, for I’m a friend.” The lion said, “My friends and I have been commanded to stand by you until the time is right!”
“Your friends?” Palm responded.
The lion stopped and roared.
More lions and lionesses gallantly made their way out of the thick forest behind the first lion that appeared to him. They surrounded Palm, then they all bowed once as a sign of respect.
“Who is like the Lord our God, who is seated on high,” the pride spoke in unison. “Blessed be His name, for He commanded the footsteps of His children and keep watch over all those who look up to Him. Blessed be the name of the Lord, for He is good. Glory to His name!”

They let a powerful roar all together one more time.

To be continued…



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