Boxer // lp

"I can't seem to love myself enough so I want you to love me"


2. Chapter 1.




Chapter One


~~'' seriously Lana, you can stop freaking out now!'' Caroline exclaimed and I looked at her, narrowing my eyes.

''how can I not freak out? I'm going to UCLA! '' I yelled and she laughed.

'' I don't know what the big deal is'' she rolls her eyes. and I sighed.

''are you actually asking that? I've worked hard to get that degree to go to that college. of course it's a big deal'' it was my turn to roll my eyes. ''and also I'm going to get on a plane and I get really scared of planes'' I pouted and she laughed again.


''you're nervous that's all, just think about the hot guys you'll see in California. maybe you'll get a boyfriend!'' she threw her hands in the air.

''I'm not going there for relationships Cara, it's college'' I said sternly.

''as you say'' she chuckles and listens to the radio playing softly in the background.

moving from Lowa to California was a big step in my new life, I planned this since I was little. I wanted to go to UCLA for years now and for me to get that degree, it was something amazing. it's the beginning of my future life and I didn't want to lose this opportunity . since my dad's death. my life has been nothing but dreadful.

mum was out most of the time , and when she comes home,she'll be drunk but I never stopped my education and I worked hard to go to UCLA and finish my education there. I had to work as a waitress for 4 years to collect enough money for my expenses because I knew mum wouldn't pay a cent for me.


but here I am, my bestfriend driving me to the airport so I can begin my new life in California.





'' I'm going to miss you Lana'' Caroline said, hugging me tightly that I couldn't breathe properly.  '' promise me you're going to visit '' she said through her tears.

''I promise, on the first break of college I'll come and visit'' I held back the tears. ''' I'm going to miss you so much Cara'' I sniffled and she laughed.
''we'll keep in touch, text me when you land in LA'' she said and I smiled nodding, ''and don't forget to tell me about the hot stuff you'll find there'' she winked and I laughed.




I smiled at the tall building in front of me and starred at it in awe, I'm finally in LA , going to college and beginning a new life, a fresh start without my mum who didn't give two shits about me and without the hurtful memories of my father's death.

I entered the dorms and looked at the key in my hand, room 45. I looked on the numbers pinned on doors and saw door 45 at the end of the corridor. I unlocked the door and was greeted by a girl who had her headphones on, and not bothering to even see who got inside.

'''hey!'' I waved but she didn't remove her eyes from her phone. I jogged over to her and smiled, she looked up and a grin formed on her face and she removed her headphones.

''you're my roommate ?''  she asked and I nodded returning the grin ''I'm Victoria '' she introduced herself.

''I'm Lana Louise Edwards'' I shook her hand with a warm smile. Victoria had long black hair and green eyes that was framed by a long set of lashes.

''how about we go have a walk around the campus? I'm sure you'd like to know the place a little bit more'' she said and I nodded.


but after we can get out of the room, a knock cut as off ,Victoria sighed and jogged towards the door and opened it. ''what the hell do you want?'' Victoria exclaimed to the person at the door.

I heard mumbles then a tall, handsome guy appeared in front of me. he had short brown hair and chocolate eyes,he was wearing a black t-shirt making his biceps stand out and black skinny jeans that showed his long legs. he bit his lip and gave me a smirk.

''Lana right?''he asked, a British accent evident in his voice.

''how did you know my name?'' I asked.

''I have my ways, sweetheart. nice to meet you Lana. I'm Liam'' he pulled my hand and shook it ''I'm sure you'll see me around a lot ''he smirked and gave me a wink and with that ,he vanished out of the door.

''he seems nice'' I said with a smile towards Victoria.

''he's nothing but, stay away from him,Lana'' she warned and I actually didn't see the point ''listen, he's bad news okay?'' I nodded .

Vic and I walked around the campus for a bit and she showed me lots of things I didn't know about the place, turns out she transferred to here from  Australia with her boyfriend ,they saved money together because they wanted to go to the same college. we talked about lots of things and I almost forgot that we just met half an hour ago.

''so tell me about that Liam guy'' I said and she frowned.

''he's nothing but a jerk to be honest that's why I'm telling you to stay away from him '' she pauses ''he boxes'' she tells me .

''but how did he know my name earlier?'' I asked, still confused about his 'ways'

''Liam knows everything, Lana and he likes new people because he can easily eat their minds ''

''you make me think he's an alien or something'' I giggled

''believe me, he's more dangerous than an alien'' she sighed.

''as you say, Vic''










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