with your love.

I sat there watching the raindrops trickle down the window. Imagining they are racing. Then they combine into one, this is when i realize nobody wins. Nobody ever wins. Now i sit here staring at the wall as if it has the answers i am looking for. Everything is quiet in that moment. Until its not… its them they have returned. The voices, they are back.

this is a story about a girl named malyika a teenage girl who suffers from depression. she is helped by this kid named andrew. she has always had feelings for him. but what she doesnt know is he feels the same about her. so will andrew be able to help her slay her demons, stay with her to the end, or will it all be too much too handle?


2. i saw the light......

Chapter 2:


Malyikas pov:


All i hear is beeping. I try to open my eyes but its as if they have been glued shut. What is going on? I can here Andrew talking. He is begging to know why i have done his. He found me a week ago walking in the street. I couldn't go back home i caused too much pain. Andrew and i go to school together. We sit next to each other in math. I have liked him since the first time he even talked to me. His laugh is angelic and contagious. His smile is just plain gorgeous. I just wish i could tell him. Im lying here listening to him sobbing, asking over and over again.

Andrews pov:


Why would you do this?

I promised i would help you!

I dont want to lose you. You need to come back to me!



Malyikas pov:

I try to move my hand.

I try everything nothing is working i cant move or speak.

Thats when i hear the machine start to beep slower and slower. Andrew starts yelling for help. He takes a tight grip on my hand crying. He says dont leave me please. He just keeps repeating this.  I want to talk, to move, anything so he knows im here and can hear him. All of the sudden i am looking down on him and my lifeless body laying there. I try to scream to get  his attention. It is no use, as i then see a light. I cant help but to walk towards it.


Andrews pov:

I am sitting here holding her hand. Then i hear the machine start to beep slower.


I look down at her while taking  tight grip on her hand.

I just keep saying please dont leave me please.

Thats when the doctors rush in…..





here is another chapter let me know what you think!!!

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