with your love.

I sat there watching the raindrops trickle down the window. Imagining they are racing. Then they combine into one, this is when i realize nobody wins. Nobody ever wins. Now i sit here staring at the wall as if it has the answers i am looking for. Everything is quiet in that moment. Until its not… its them they have returned. The voices, they are back.

this is a story about a girl named malyika a teenage girl who suffers from depression. she is helped by this kid named andrew. she has always had feelings for him. but what she doesnt know is he feels the same about her. so will andrew be able to help her slay her demons, stay with her to the end, or will it all be too much too handle?


4. everything will be ok, i love you.

Chapter 4:

Andrews pov:

Suddenly there was a lot of beeping and then i heard gasping. I looked to my left but before i could actually comprehend what was happening i was rushed out by doctors. I was so confused and i wanted to know what was happChapter 3:


Andrews pov:

I sat there holding here hand. I can't stop crying. We haven't ever really talked much before 2 weeks ago when i founder her outside in the pouring rain. I didn't want her to get hurt. I kinda like her. Well liked her. Now i think i'm absolutely in love with her. I don't ever want her to feel like that ever again. Just like that my world turned upside down her machine started to beep really slow then is stopped. I don't even know what is happening it's like everything is going in slow motion. The doctor started to rush around me. I felt like i couldn't breath. This couldn't be happening. Not like this no she wasn't supposed to die. I was supposed to be helping her. I failed. I am the worst person in the world. I will never forgive myself if she doesn't come back. NEVER. It was not supposed to go this way. She was going to get better. She made me a better person. Now i'm just a person who failed. I dont know what i'm going to do now. I have no motivation. Why did she have to leave me?


Malyikas  pov:


As i walk towards the light i see someone. I realize it is my grandma. She died a few years back due to cancer. Seeing her brings back the memories. I guess i should tell you how i ended up like this. It all started when my grandma was in the hospital. She was suffering from cancer. My mom called me one day after school. I was hanging out with my cousin. My mom told me she was going to the hospital, she asked if i would like to go see her. She said she wasn't doing too well. I asked if i would be able to see her tomorrow? She said i don't think so. So i started to cry but i was holding it in the  best i could. I have gone up to see her every time. I figured they have been saying she wouldn't make it any longer for the past 2 weeks. So i figured i will be ok so i told my mom no i was going to stay home. Boy was i wrong. 2 hours later i got a call from my mom saying she wasn't going to make it till morning. I started crying and telling her to come get me and she said no. 4 hours later my mom arrived home. She carried with her my grandma's quilt. And said she wanted me to have it and that she said she loved me. With that i broke down knowing that i was the worst person in the world i didn't say goodbye i wasn't there when she was taken. I blamed myself every day still to this day i do. It got to the point that i stopped caring about everything. I got up i cut, i put clothes on, i went to school. Then it got to the point that one time one of my cuts reopened. So somebody found out after that i was always getting bullied. This is how i ended up where i am now.  I don't want to see her i feel all the guilt rushing back to me. Then i hear a whisper say i don't blame you. Listen i love you no matter what. As much as i would like for you to stay here it is not your time. So wake up i love you.she started to fade. Everything was going in slow motion. It was all dark i was trying to breath. I feel my body jolt as i am gasping for breath.


ening. Was she ok? Was she dead? Was she alive? I don't know! I need to find out. I have no idea how to feel about this. I don't even know what this is. I see another doctor going into the room and one exiting. I get the doctor's attention and ask what's going on? He just shakes his head in disbelief and keeps walking. So i get to the point that i am so frustrated that i scream can somebody tell me what is going on please?!?!?!?!?!?!? At the top of my lungs. No matter what happens i just want to see her. Is she ok? Everything started to spin, i was having trouble keeping myself stood up. Then i felt like something hit me hard all over the left side of my body, that's when i realized i had fell, then everything went black.


Malyikas  pov: i feel this unbearable pain in my head. I can't move my hand to touch it and i cant open my eyes. But i can hear things again. The sound of the heart monitor beating rhythmically. I could hear someone talking about a miracle. About a girl who they proclaimed dead but then who came back to life. They don't know what happened so they are trying to figure it out that is all i heard before i drifted back off to sleep. Right before i lost consciousness again i thought where is andrew? I never want to lose him. He is my angel, my anchor.


Andrews pov:

i woke up in a bed? How did i get here? I sit up and a nurse comes in and asks me how i am feeling. I tell her fine other then my head throbbing. She gives me a tylenol and a glass of water and say here it will help with the pain. Then i remember something. I ask the nurse if malyika  is ok and she says she is still resting. I ask if i may see her and she says yes i will show you the room. I never want to lose her she is my everything. Now i know that what i feel is real and i never want this feeling to end. She makes me feel like a better man. Then who i was, well that's not who i am or who i want to be. She makes me feel like i can do anything as long as i have her beside me. I never want to lose her. I just can't lose her.

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