with your love.

I sat there watching the raindrops trickle down the window. Imagining they are racing. Then they combine into one, this is when i realize nobody wins. Nobody ever wins. Now i sit here staring at the wall as if it has the answers i am looking for. Everything is quiet in that moment. Until its not… its them they have returned. The voices, they are back.

this is a story about a girl named malyika a teenage girl who suffers from depression. she is helped by this kid named andrew. she has always had feelings for him. but what she doesnt know is he feels the same about her. so will andrew be able to help her slay her demons, stay with her to the end, or will it all be too much too handle?


5. authors note IMPORTANT!!!!

hey guys look i am obviously new here. i am only 16 i will be turning 17 in march. i am in high school. i wanted to write this story because i feel like it has a lot of meaning and i think that if people actually knew what bullying does to someone who already has problems so they self harm. making fun of them just makes is worse and i personally know this. i understand if not everyone like this book. i dont know if im going to keep updating. i feel like maybe its just not good enough... if you guys could comment your opinions i would love to listen. If i dont get any comments or likes im going to just delete it. thank you

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