My brother's mate

Violet lives with her dad and hasn't lived with her brother and mum since her parents got divorced. She loves her mum and brother Ashton to death. She decides that she will live with them from now on. She meets her brother's band mates and she starts to fall for Luke. Hopefully he will like her too.


10. Chapter 8- The dream

Luke p.o.v

We were still in the plane, I was thinking my life without Violet for a year. I slowly drifted of to sleep dreaming about my lovely gorgeous Violet.


"Baby wake up I miss you I need you here with me." Violet said kissing me.

I kissed her lips. "Okay I'm up."

"Let's go!" She told me and left running.

"Where?" I asked her. I slowly got off of my bed and went to the first place that went in my mind, the kitchen. She was there holding a knife.

"Um baby?"

"You made me like this Luke. I needed you. You were gone for 1 year and you know how that makes me. I love you and when I needed you, you weren't here to guide me." She kept coming closer and closer.

*End of dream*

I woke up sweating and we have landed in Mexico. I called my baby as soon as I got to the hotel.

"Hello?" She answered. Man, her voice is beautiful.

"Hey Violet."

"Hey Luke how are you?"

"My fine how are you?" I asked emphasising the you.

"I'm fine are you okay Luke you sound worried."

I told her my dream and she didn't say anything until I finished.

"Baby I do miss you but I'm not gonna be crazy for you. I love you Lucas Robert Hemmings."

"I adore you, Violet Bridget Irwin."

"Bye Luke"

"Bye princess."

I'm glad she made me feel secure again.

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