My brother's mate

Violet lives with her dad and hasn't lived with her brother and mum since her parents got divorced. She loves her mum and brother Ashton to death. She decides that she will live with them from now on. She meets her brother's band mates and she starts to fall for Luke. Hopefully he will like her too.


22. Chapter 17- Couldn't figure what to name this chapter

Luke p.o.v

It was showtime there were so many fans yelling for us. I was so thankful for all these supportive fans and I was also thankful to have the lads and Violet in my life I don't know what I'll do without them.

"Thank you guys for being there for us. You guys are amazing and I love you!" I started before singing the first song.

"This first song is permanent vacation! We don't do this often but we are going to split you up in three sections this right side over here you are commanded by me this middle section you are commanded by Luke Hemmings and the left side your are commanded by Calum Hood." Michael said.

"You need to be as loud as you can to beat these other guys and their team."

"Ready na na na na na na you sing!" Michael put the microphone for them to sing.

"Na na na na na na." They followed.

"Louder I can't hear you! Na na."

"Na na na na."

"Louder! Na Na."

"Na Na Na Na."

"Okay that's good enough."

"Okay ready its clap, clap clap, clap." I said whilst clapping and the fans followed.

"You guys are on my side why the- why are you clapping stop clapping!" Calum complained. Then he started to talk.

"What I need you guys to do is real simple and real easy and it goes like this hey hey hey hey!" He started and they followed.

"I can't hear you!" Calum said, and they clapped louder. We started to sing Michael started off.

"You say that I'm too complicated hung up and miseducation I say nine to five is overrated and we all fall down. I can't sleep cause my mind keeps racing my chest hurts cause my heart keeps breaking I'm so numb I can't stop shaking and we all fall down.

"Frustration, desperation say you need some kind of medication situation no motivation destination, permanent vacation."

"Hey I'm doing fine and I know I'm out of line so let's see this one more it goes destination permanent vacation. Na Na na Na Na Na na"

"Voices coming through the speaker they can't make me a believer I know I'm an underachiever and we're all so proud. Watch out I think we're going under right now just another number get out systems in the gutter and we're all so proud."

We finished the song and all the fans were cheering and yelling. As the fans started to quiet down I girl yelled.

"I hope you girlfriend dies!" As she said my eyes started to water and another girl yelled.

"Don't listen to her Luke she is just jealous!" I smiled when she said that. I love fans who are supportive in everything that I do.

"Thanks guys I love you all!" I told them.

"This next song is Jet Black Heart!"

"Everybody's got their demons even wide awake or dreaming I'm the one who ends up leaving make it okay. See a war I wanna fight it see a match I wanna strike it every fire I've ignited faded to grey. Now that I'm broken now that you know it caught up in the moment can you see inside. Cause I've got a Jet Black Heart, and there's-

"A hurricane underneath it trying to keep us apart I write with a poison pen but these chemicals moving between are the reason to start again."

"Now I'm holding for dear life (now I'm holding for dear life) there's no way that we could rewind (there's now way that we could rewind) maybe there's nothing after midnight I could make you stay. Now that I'm broken ( now that I'm broken) and now that you know it (now that you know it) caught up in the moment can you see inside.

"Cause I've got a jet black heart and there's a hurricane underneath it, trying to keep us apart. I write with a poison pen but theses chemicals moving between us are reasons to start again."

"The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes let's forget who we are a dive in to the dark as we burst into color returning to life." We ended the song and some tears left my eyes.

After many songs later the concert ended and the lads and I went backstage. I saw Violet there sitting on the couch with her phone on her hand.

"Hey Luke how was the-" I cut her off my hugging her. I hope she never leaves me I love her way too much.

"I guess it was good, right?" She asked and the truth was it was okay not one of the best ones.

"Yes it was the most amazing concert ever." I lied.

"Okay then where do you want to go now?" Violet asked me.

"The hotel?" I suggested.

"No let's don't go to the hotel yet it still early how about we go to the club?" Michael asked.

"I'm not going to the club in this!" Violet said looking at the clothes she was wearing.

"Cmon no ones gonna care." Calum said.

Violet p.o.v

"Well I care before we go I have to get dressed." I said sternly. The lads looked at Ashton.

"You heard the girl lets go to the hotel." Ashton said.

We went back to the van and it took us back to the hotel. I ran up the stairs and went to the bathroom quickly to take a shower. After I got out I put a towel around myself and grabbed my dirty clothes out of the restroom. I didn't see Luke in the room. I shrugged it off thinking he was just talking to the lads. I searched for clothes in my luggage and I found a cute flowery crop top and I got some jeans to go with it. I changed and I put some makeup on. As I finished doing everything I went where the boys are which was there room to see if Luke was there. I saw all of them playing video games and Angie, Bambi, and Carol was just sitting between their boyfriends legs. Everyone was there except for Luke, I started to get worry.

"Guys have you seen Luke?" I asked.

"No why?" Michael asked with his eyes attached to the screen.

"He wasn't in the room."

"Well check the lounge room." Ashton suggested. I went downstairs and it said that the lounge room was closed. I was looking everywhere for Luke I was calling him but he didn't answer. I finally saw him outside where the pool was.

"Luke what are you doing out here?" I asked he didn't respond he just kept staring at the water from the pool.

"Luke?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Violet." He said and his voice cracked.

"Luke it's okay it doesn't matter anymore we probably might not see her again." I told him.

"No that's not it, I'm sorry for letting this happen."

"Let what happen Luke?" I was starting to get scared.

"I-I-I didn't defend you when someone yelled that they wish you were dead." He started to cry.

"I don't care what they say about me Luke I love you and that's all that matters." I said getting close to Luke.

"I love you so much Violet." Luke said grabbing me by surprise.

"I love you too Luke." I sat on his lap and kissed him passionately.

"Cmon let's go to the club." I said getting up and pulling his arm.

"But I don't wanna go." He said whining.

"Please come." I said pouting and bowing my head down.

"Okay baby lets go." He said getting up.

"Yay! Let's go!" I pulled his arm and I was running.

All the lads and girls were waiting at the lobby.

"About time you guys showed up." Ashton complained. Luke and I just laughed.

When we arrived at the bar the music was banging loud and I couldn't hear anything."

"Wanna get a drink?!" I heard Luke say but I didn't understand him.

"What?!" He didn't repeat it he just grabbed my arm and dragged me to the bar.

"Hello pretty lady what can I get for you?" The bartender asked me.

"Yeah I'll get a Bloody Mary." I told him.

"What about you sir."

"I'll get the same." The bartender nodded and went to get our drinks ready. Luke and I sat there silently and not saying a word to each other. The bartender came and gave us our drinks.

"Do you drink Violet?" Luke asked breaking the silence.

"Omg thank goodness you finally talked." I sighed in relief and he chuckled.

"Sort of just that time when we both got really wasted that was basically the first time I drinked." I told him.

"Really?!" He asked shocked.

"Yeah what about you, do you drink a lot." I asked him.

"Yeah actually... a lot." He said. I laughed and took a sip of my drink.

"Eww." I said spitting the drink out and putting back in the cup.

"What's wrong?" Luke asked.

"This taste horrible." He laughed and asked the bartender to get me something else. Like one hour later we got wasted.

"Bab-by I'm gonna go take a leak, oops I mean a piss, I mean a wee." He laughed very loudly.

"Alrighty my baby." I said giving him a very sloppy kiss.

"Don't take too long." I said.

"I don't know I really have to take a nice long wee." He said leaving. I saw a guy come and he sat next to me.

"Hey pretty lady." The guy said.

I flipped my hair, "I'm taken." I said to the guy. He just got closer to me.

"Really by who? I don't see him anywhere." He said.

"He's in the restroom taking a piss." I quickly covered my mouth realizing what I said.

"Ha I said piss." I said. I was so wasted I didn't know what I was saying.

"Yes you did darling." He said. I turned around and saw Luke.

"This is my boyfriend see I told you I saw taken." I told the guy and he just left.

"I love you Lucas Robert Hemmings." I told him.

"Really?! I do too I love you so so so much." We kissed. After the lads said it wa time to go back to the hotel and when we did I kissed Luke and then fell asleep.

(Sorry I haven't updated in a long time I'm going through a hard time right now I can't handle it but anyways thank you for reading my story.)

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