My brother's mate

Violet lives with her dad and hasn't lived with her brother and mum since her parents got divorced. She loves her mum and brother Ashton to death. She decides that she will live with them from now on. She meets her brother's band mates and she starts to fall for Luke. Hopefully he will like her too.


21. Chapter 16- Heading to the concert

Violet p.o.v

I got discharged from the hospital. The doctors said I fainted because of sadness. I do love Luke so much. He is way different from the other boys. We went back to the hotel so we could get ready for the concert.

"I love you so much babe." Luke said kissing me.

"I do too." I said kissing him back.

We hurried changing because we were running late. I put on whatever I could find cause I really didn't care right now. I had the guys' band shirt with their faces on it and some sweats.

"Ready babe." Luke asked with sticking his hand out to me. I grabbed it and walked out the door. We got in a special black van and took us where the concert is going to be held. We went back stage and the guys took their girlfriends so I wouldn't be bored. I spaced out and stared at Luke. I was so happy to be back with him.

"Violet? You okay?" Angie asked waving her hand in front of me.

"Huh?" I said still staring at Luke. I heard another voice call for me and it was Luke.

"Babe?" I noticed that Luke was staring back at me.

"Yeah oh sorry I just spaced out." I said.

"5 minutes till showtime!" A lady yelled.

The guys were saying goodbye to the girls and I before they went to perform.

"I love you babe." Luke said kissing my forehead."

"I love you too good luck." I said giving him a massive hug.

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