My brother's mate

Violet lives with her dad and hasn't lived with her brother and mum since her parents got divorced. She loves her mum and brother Ashton to death. She decides that she will live with them from now on. She meets her brother's band mates and she starts to fall for Luke. Hopefully he will like her too.


18. Chapter 13- Mexican Restaurant

Violet p.o.v

Ashton, Angie, Calum, Bambi, Michael, Luke and I were exploring Mexico, Angie and Bambi are giving us a tour. They said they've been best friends as long as they can remember. They are originally from Australia like us but they moved to Mexico because their parents got a better job here. Everything Angie and Bambi showed us were amazing and beautiful.

"I'm hungry!" I whined.

"Your always hungry." Angie said.

"What can I say I love food." I replied.

"Let's go to that restaurant right there." Bambi pointed.

We went to the restaurant and sat down. We didn't know what to eat because everything is in Spanish.

"Um Angie what good in the menu?" I asked.

"This." She pointed on a bowl with red soup.

"Men--men--, what does that say?"

"Menudo." She told me.

"Men--what? Okay I guess I'll get that."

"I'll have that too." Luke agreed. The waiter came and took our order.

"Hola como estan?" The waiter said.

"Huh?" I said wondering.

"I got it honey. Si me da dos platos de menudo, un plato de chiliquiles, y cuatro platos de sopes."

"Claro que si." The waiter left. All of us were looking at Angie with our mouths open."

"What?" She asked.

"That was amazing!" Ashton said kissing her cheek.

"Thanks." She knows Spanish. I'm so impressed. After dinner we went back to the hotel, and Angie and Bambi went home.

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