Book of shadows

...I'm charmed...


1. Aviva

The book itself

It's been a year and a half since my mother died and three years since my father ran away without a trace I hate him for that and he didn't even come back for our mother's funeral or anything but nothing will change I walk to my room after having a argument with my sister Annabelle she wants to give Abigail the spare room and she has some nerve to do that I still haven't forgotten what she done to me and Annabelle and she still came anyway I clean my room because let's face it it's a mess my mother wouldn't approve of the state that it's in I don't blame her I have a lot on my mind I lost my job nine weeks ago because a rumour got around that I slept with my boss but I'm still a virgin so how could I when it was my sister Abigail I wish Annabelle didn't invite her back here but she did anyway I look at the paper and I see another man murdered in a old factory I read the article and I go show Annabelle and she's as shocked as I am then she tells Abigail about it too I grab my handbag and I go for a drive by the murder site and it looks horrible the body is pale and white and the man's neck is in a weird position then Garth pulls me over 

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