🗝Locked out of heaven🔒(Slow UPDATES)

Inspired by Bruno Mars song locked out of heaven and Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki

Come's a tail like no other. When Garth is taken to jail up in haven for a crime he didn't commit It's up to Sam, Dean,Castiel , and Gabriel to free him right?! Wrong the order of the court.

Has banned them from entering Haven because of cass taking apples with out paying for them.

Now they have to work on earth under one condition by Megatron. (aka haven's rule for now) When the Spring Festival come's as (lunar new year/Chinese New Year) Garth will put to death.

Now it's up to Sam and Dean mostly all of them need to find a job by then but they all get split up when they fell down to earth.

Now it's up to Sam to find a job also find his family but how can he do it when he has a dream about growing In his head.

Packed with love Adventure and fire a lot of work. Xd it's up to Sam and the others to save Garth.

Can it all be done though the all the time they have? Ps they have different eyes colors in the story


1. Chapter 1: A strange morning

Sam's pov

"Cock-a-doodle-doo" I pulled my pillow over my head to get that annoying sound out of my life.

But it repeated that horrible sound "Cock-a-doodle-doo" it said again.

I slowly walked and grabbed a separate pillow and trow it at the annoying rooster.

Then yawned and walked back into bed.

For it was cold my angel wings where wrapped around me for they where my soft blanket the covers where on the floor.

Then I head footsteps from the door.

And then the door opened it was cas for he got back into his bed.

I don't even bother opening my dark blue eyes for I know it was Cas who was flying back to his bed on the other side of the room.

Just then the door opened again but this time it was Garth.

"Rise and shine your breakfast is turning cold." he said

Pulling the Curtains in our room revealing. Sunlight through a cloud into our room.

I slowly got up with my dark blue eyes still sleepy Garth then pat my head messing up my hair even more.

"Have you seen Chip"? He said back to me

"Have you seen Chip"? He said back to me again one more time as I looked sleepy as ever.

Then it hit me like a big Strike of lighting that Zeus had hit me in the back of head in a fight with his brother Hades but missed then hitting me in the. Back of head by accidentally than I came back into reality.

"Oh Chip our pet rooster" then I just looked at the floor.

Than I push him out the door "umm no I have not seen Chip"

"Maybe Dean and Gabriel have seen him"I said from behind the door.

He then walked away from the door and walked down to my other brothers room.

I then left my room to get a fork and slowly walked upstairs for I saw Kevin and Sheriff Milli's stare at me.

"Hey Sam" Kevin said

I waved back to the two of them for they both waved back and I slowly closed the door to my room.

My little brother cass was awake for he just walked out the door for it was time for breakfast.

I don't why I got a fork from downstairs then I remember I was watching the little mermaid because I was bored.

Well I'm only going to do this one so sam combs his hair with Dinglehopper aka fork.

Ow note to self Dinglehoppers do not work only if you are a mermaid. Xd

"Well time to eat breakfast I walked down stairs Morning guys" I said

" Morning Sammy" Dean said not take his eyes off the morning paper.

I saw some of the comic strips on the table for I was curious.

I just read some's then I heard a slicing sound outside.

I quickly ran out of our cloud house and ran to the barn for I saw Garth holding an ax with blood and he has some on his work clothes.

"HOW COULD You KILL HIM"! I cried with tears in my dark blue eyes.

"I'm sorry Sam but my mom want him so we could eat" Kevin said taken the animal into his arms. And walking back home.

"It's the circle of life" Garth said

But you don't have to kill him now who I'm going to trow my pillow at every morning like an alarm clock. Still crying

"Again Sam it's the circle of life" he said he walked away from me with a hard cold stare of his yellow eyes.

I then got a Shiver running down my spine.

To be continued in chapter 2

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